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Brand Brilliance: Sponsoring Local Communities to Benefit Everyone Involved

On a recent trip to Indonesia I visited a number of well-known surf beaches. While I was there, I learned a bit about the local community and discovered that some businesses were doing ‘radical’ things to support the sport of surfing and keep the beaches clean.

As a beach volleyballer I’ve played in some amazing beach locations, and I’ve also played in areas that are not up to standard. It breaks my heart when beaches aren’t looked after.

On a recent trip to Bali, it would have been hard not to notice the companies taking an interest in the beach community. Their logos were plastered everywhere – on signage, on the bins, the recycling depots…

Quicksilver and Coca-Cola are two massive brands world-wide but especially so in Indonesia, mainly due to their unique sponsorship approach which incorporates caring for the environment.

A marketing whiz kid at Coca-Cola and Quiksilver came up with the ingenious idea to help keep the beaches, and as such the surf, clean, by donating and sponsoring a ‘beach cleaner’. The machine, which is rolled out daily, covers a number of beaches around the Seminyak and Jimbaran Bay area and is maintained and operated by Coke/Quiksilver at their own expense.

Effectively Coke and Quiksilver are providing a much-needed service and assisting the surfing community and tourism in general.

The locals now love Quiksilver and Coke and tell everyone who will listen to drink a can of coke or buy a Quicksilver t-shirt to show their support of the brand and their beach sponsorship. Everyday their sponsorship of the beach is appreciated, and everyday the brands of Coca-Cola and Quiksilver are associated with clean beaches, surfing, caring about the environment and the Indonesian people.

It is a really different and refreshing approach to marketing and advertising.

Ongoing third party endorsement through word of mouth marketing to large numbers of tourists, as well as building good will throughout the community each time the machine is rolled out. And (no doubt) high volumes of sales for Coca-Cola and Quiksilver.



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