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Interview With Katrina Chambers, Founder of Tomboi, a Magazine for Women Who Love Sports


Every once in awhile, I come across a sports resource so innovative and dynamic, I just have to share it with the sportsnetworker readers. Katrina was referred to me by Jacinta Fisher, wife of retired NFL linebacker Levar Fisher, and when I saw Katrina’s website, Tomboi, I had to let you know about it.


Katrina was gracious enough to allow me to interview her on short notice and you will definitely be the benefactor of our conversation.


Michelle: What inspired you to start a sports website exclusively for women? 


Katrina: All my life I have been involved in sports, both as an athlete and as a spectator.  It’s something I’m very passionate about.  And, as I thought about my close circle of girl friends, I realized that some of the best times we’ve had have involved sports – Superbowl parties, little league games, NBA All Star Weekend(s) and the list goes on.  I knew there were more women like us and as I looked for the group(s) online, I didn’t find them.  I only found sites about women who played sports…nothing for the spectator.  Nothing for my 72-year old grandmother who’s been a NASCAR fan for decades.  Nothing for my next door neighbor who’s been a fan of Texas A&M football since she graduated from there almost 20 years ago – and I knew there were more…that was my inspiration! 


Michelle: Have you been passionate about sports your entire life and if so, how did you zero in on where you wanted to take that passion?


Katrina:  From the time I was in junior high school and through high school, I played volleyball, basketball, and track.  I was recruited for basketball and volleyball my senior year in high school before accepting a full volleyball athletic scholarship to Angelo State University.  Since graduating, I’ve done various athletic activities to stay in shape, including running a marathon, two triathlons, and working out with friends, trainers and jumping in pick up basketball games with my nephews (when they let me).


Michelle: How has your life experience enriched your role as founder of Tomboi?


Katrina: Aside from the physical activities, I’ve also turned my passion into employment by starting my own management/consulting firm, PRO-TENTIAL Management.  PRO-TENTIAL Management specializes in the sports and entertainment industries.  I founded this company in 2002 and have worked with various athletes and celebrities.  This has allowed me to make a living doing something I love.  And, it opened the door for .  I am not only the founder of TOMBOI…I am a tomboi!


Michelle: Now that you’re a website founder and manager, how do you gather the information that you feature on your site?


Katrina:  I have worked in sports for over 10 years and it has given me access that I might not have otherwise had.  Clients like Eddie George and Corey Sears (retired NFL players) and various NBA players have given me access to information I may not otherwise have been able to acquire.


 Michelle: Tell me about some of your future goals for Tomboi.


Katrina:  TOMBOI’s ultimate goal is to become the #1 Sports Website for Women.  And, it will grow to be a one-stop shop for sports, entertainment, fashion, health, fitness, beauty, and a wealth of information for the Mom, Sister, Wife, and Girlfriend.  TOMBOI will have an exclusive line of products, including bath and body products, and apparel.  TOMBOI U will focus on collegiate sports.  And TOMBOI will have original programming through TOMBOI TV and RADIO.  Finally, TOMBOI will host a number of events throughout the sports world.


Michelle: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced along the way?


Katrina:  The biggest challenge to date has been funding.  I literally started TOMBOI as a blog using my personal finances.  I blogged about my journey of competing in my first triathlon and from there I’ve never looked back.  As I continue to grow the site, I am also actively seeking investors.


Michelle: What advice would you give to other women who are sports fanatics and want to expand their sphere of knowledge?


Katrina:  My advice to other women who are sports fanatics would be to JOIN the TOMBOI Movement!  Women are strongest as ONE cohesive unit.  And rather than starting a bunch of mini-organizations who share your love of men’s collegiate and professional sports, become a part of today.  TOMBOI has only been in existence since August 2010 and the response has been overwhelming! If you want to be heard…sign up at today.  TOMBOI…because ladies love sports, too!


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  1. TheSportsinista April 28, 2011 at 9:45 am #

    This website looks fantastic! It looks like it’s just starting out, but I’m already impressed. I’ve seen numerous women sports sites, but the design of this one looks the most appealing and relevant.

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