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How to Find your Next Client Through Social Media

Okay, so maybe it’s not quite time to put away the cold calling lists forever, but we might be getting close. Let’s explore the alternative.

Social media has a powerful way of putting a face to a name, a person behind a brand, and information from around the world at your fingertips.  With the click of a Like, Follow, or making someone a 1st Connection, you’ve turned a cold lead into a warm one. Through the digital universe you are able to skip the company receptionist and have quick access to the communicator at the company of your choice.

In the sport business anyone can be a future client. There are those who like the sport personally, others who enjoy your entertainment for clients, or even those who help facilitate large group outings in a sport setting.  If everyone you meet has the power of being your next client, how do you decide where it’s best to spend your time?

The information we need to find quality leads most often can’t be found on the front page of a company’s website. Facebook announced they have over 500 million users, Twitter claims over 190 million registered accounts, and LinkedIN rounds out its professional users to well over 50 million.  This all sounds overwhelming to most, so where do you start?

Connect with all your clients on LinkedIn

The How: Keep the homepage open while you work throughout the entire day.  Building your connections as you go is a great way to develop your own organic leads list. Looking for a client at a particular company? I bet you can find an employee who works there. Searching for detailed information on a company? Take a peek as most companies now have ‘Company LinkedIn’ pages with all the data you might need.

The Why: If something changes at a company you are connected to or a client you’ve met, you are then notified in your news feed. And let’s say someone leaves their job for another (its been known to happen), you just got yourself a great referral and introduction to your next client.

Engage in conversations in LinkedIn groups where your target clients ‘hang-out’

The How: According to Teehcrunch, there are over 650,000 groups on LinkedIN. Find the ones where your clients are and engage in conversation.  Why not start your own group and control the conversation within your business community?

The Why: The conversations are already taking place, so why not participate.  It’s a great way to meet new business professionals who are looking for your solutions.

Maximizing Facebook Pages

The How: It does require you to use your personal facebook page for business use and not strictly personally which makes a good number of people very nervous.  It is important to learn all the privacy controls on facebook so that you are more comfortable, especically if you’re just starting out.

The Why: Facebook Fan Pages for businesses are everywhere and distribute all sorts of information about your client’s company or prospective companies to help you maximize your partnership. Are they hiring? What did they do for their holiday party? How about the new products they are launching. Facebook equals constant company updates at your fingertips! Do the companies you work with have a Facebook Page? And have you ever checked?

Twitter News Feeds

The How: It is important to keep up to date with news makers (e.g. LA Times, CNN, and Local Paper) and business news sources (e.g: Local Business Journal) in order to  keep constant updates coming into your twitter feed. Learn the power of lists so you can sort who you are following for quick access to a particular topic or subject. Looking to connect with a client’s business, organization, non-profit, or a prospective company? Best place to start is to Google “XYZ twitter account”. Follow them, engage them in a conversation, or ask them a question.

The Why: It soon becomes not The Why, but The Why Not! Twitter provides access to companies in a more direct way, with up to the minute information not readily available elsewhere, and most importantly, instant access to the company’s communicator!

Have we connected yet on LinkedIn? How about Twitter?

Have you had success connecting with clients via social media? Do you think cold calling is becoming extinct? Be sure to share some of your quick tips too!


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