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Overtime Post – Thanksgiving for Sports Fans

It was business for me as usual this week since I celebrated Thanksgiving last month, although I wouldn’t mind a second helping of turkey. Regardless,  I want to do a short list of things that I’m thankful for this year as a sports fan.

  1. Vancouver 2010 Olympics: Not only was it the time of my life in my hometown, but there were plenty of great stories there, from strategies to rivalries to upstarts. I also relished the opportunity to learn a lot more about smaller amateur sports.
  2. Youtube: As excited as I am about athletes tweeting me back, there’s no social media tool that’s influenced my sports experience as much as Youtube. I’m now able to see Canucks hockey highlights in full HD anytime I want, mashups of comedic sports ads, and….
  3. Blake Grffin. Yikes. White man jumps high. Way high. Billy Hoyle would approve.

What are you thankful for this thanksgiving in the world of sports? Let me know in the comments below. Now this week’s posts…


Interview with Martine Yen on Sports and Technology

Martine is an extremely cool gal and I was pretty excited to finally sit down and talk to her about the Hockey Community. One can’t help but wonder if this is the start of a new wave of sports social networks.

Read the full post


How Women in Sports Voice Their Thoughts

I totally agree with Lesley. Any true sports geek would never, ever wear something like this.

Read the full post.


Top 6 Tips on Community Management

As a community manager myself, I could relate to a lot of these tips. Community manager is a relatively new role in the sports industry and sure to be on the rise in the years to come. Add-ons to the list: read a lot, be prepared to stay up late (or wake up really, really early), and steep some good tea.

Read the full post.


5 NFL Twitter Accounts I’m Thankful For

It wasn’t so long ago that we were giving the NFL an “ehhh” grade for their use of social media. It’s good to see the league step up. Matt Higgins read the article and immediately tweeted back to thank Sam back for his kind words and offered a raise. Say, can I get in on that?

Also, why was Ochocinco suspended, Twitter? It’s not like you can mistake him for someone else.

Read the full post.


Top 5 Sports Marketing Tips

Sports Marketing sometimes gets a bad rep, either through being too pushy with telemarketing calls or cheesy campaigns, but that’s mostly because people have been doing things the wrong way. This is a start to doing things the right way.

Read the full post.

The Links:

Barack Obama – DNP: Elbow to the Mouth

How’d you like to be the guy who elbowed the president in the face? His presidency is a real baller though, and hit the courts again this week after getting 12 stitches for the inadvertent elbow. I hope he was still able to eat some turkey this thanksgiving. If not, dibs.

NASCAR Turns to Digital Media

Better late than never. Studies show that Dale Earnhardt Jr. is still fans’ favorite driver, even though Jimmie Johnson is the one hauling all the championships these days.

Michael Vick’s Jersey Sales Soar

As the Eagles keep winning, Vick’s popularly has jumped tremendously. I wonder if Dick’s Sporting Goods is kicking themselves in the..well you know where for refusing to sell Vick jerseys. But hey, there’s no cost on integrity, right?


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