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Make the New Geek on the Web for You

Last February on a return flight home from Colorado I picked up the in flight magazine and flipped through it.  On page 54, I was introduced to Seat Geek with one lengthy teasing paragraph.

Earlier this month I was able to catch up with one of the co-founders Russ D’Souza  and speak with him about which recently was also featured in TechCrunch, FastCompany, cnet, Venture Beat & the LA Times. launched in September of 2009 and functions a bit like some of the websites developed for the travel industry, but for your favorite sports teams.  Out of the frustration of being a Red Sox fan and always having to pay a premium for tickets, Russ & Jack Groetzinger came up with to rid them and other fans of that “I’ve been ripped off feeling.”

Pulling listings from other popular sites like StubHub and Ticketsnow, you can find anything from a Phish show to Cubs game.  Not only does show you the listings, they (as their website states) do the math to help you save money.  Using the data from millions of previous ticket transactions and algorithms developed by a team of several economists, they can accurately predict 83% of time whether the tickets you are after will go up or down in price.  If the price is predicted to drop, you can sign up for an e-mail alert and SeatGeek will let you know the best time to buy.

If you are a Season Ticket Holder with your favorite team(s), you can utilize their Ticket Portfolio to determine which of the tickets you possess will yield you a better profit and show you what your tickets are truly worth.  Their Ticket Portfolio is a great tool for those who hold multiple ticket plans and inevitably have extra tickets to sell.

“With we want to transform the way fans buy tickets, while helping them find the best deals,” Russ stated in reference to the mission of SeatGeek.  Check out their site and I’m sure you’ll quickly understand what Russ & Jack had in mind!  With new partnerships on the horizon, you haven’t begun to hear the last about

You can also follow on Twitter @SeatGeek and on Facebook.


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