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Technology is Revolutionizing How We Watch Sport

Sport, unlike other forms of entertainment, lends itself to short bursts of consumption and technology is increasingly becoming an enabler in that process. Technology is driving innovations in how we watch sport and even changing the reason why we watch it in the first place. Passionate sports fans, especially avid armchair fans, have a scarce…

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Breaking Into Sports Starts With the Right Attitude

“Attitude is everything. Without a good one, nothing else matters.”– Unknown To reach your goals in life—especially landing your first job in sports—you have to start with the right attitude. (Read: a positive attitude.) Your attitude will affect everything you do moving forward. This might strike you as standard-issue pep-talk language, but I’ll show you…

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Interview with Human Performance Mentors

According to their website, Human Performance Mentors works with individuals and organizations in the area of personal development and behavioral change. They work with clients to promote ongoing improvement in all aspects of life such as; relationships, health, wealth, social interactions, personal growth and career development. My recent conversation with Founder and CEO, Michael Cooper,…

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The #1 Reason You Won’t Get Hired in Sports

  The number one reason people don’t get hired in the sports industry is “Likeability.” In other words, if you’re not likeable, if you have a chip on your shoulder, if you’re a negative person, if you talk trash about other people, or if you’re just a miserable human being all the way around, nobody…

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EXCLUSIVE! Secrets to Landing your Dream Sports Job from an Industry Insider

The sports world is like a secret society including a language similar to Morse code.  Once you’ve entered through the doors of the stadium, you are adorned with a special robe in your designated team colors. As the next ‘chosen one,’ you receive a purple medal of honor for making it through the doors as…

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How to Find a Job in the Growing Sports Industry

According to the SportsBusiness Journal, the Sports Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States with nearly $250 billion in revenue annually. That makes it bigger than the U.S. Auto Industry and 10 times larger than the Motion Picture Industry. What does that mean to you? It means there’s an enormous amount of…

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11 Great Sports Tweets From Early 2011

We’re just two weeks into 2011, yet between NBA trade rumors, the BCS National Championship game, and the NFL Playoffs, we’ve already experienced a lot of excitement. Here are some of my early favorite tweets from the world of sports in 2011. Blake Griffin, Professional Athlete, LA Clippers (@blakegriffin) “I know everyone is saying this…

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A World Without Sports Marketing

Although careers in sports marketing are relatively new, sports marketing as a practice is over a century old. As sports began to professionalize, savvy promoters, athletes, and entrepreneurs quickly recognized that the business of sports required marketing support. Sports marketing has two distinct, interdependent, forms: marketing of sports and marketing through sports. If you market…

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Top Sports Social Media Professionals of 2010

The year has flown by and it’s been a great one for sports and social media. In the last year, we’ve seen almost every professional sports team start to create a social media strategy, and none of it would have been possible without the many creative people at work in the sports industry. As a…

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Sports Marketing Using Social Media

Sports marketing is a very important part of any successful sports franchise.  Imagine attending a game and not seeing people wearing jerseys, hats, giant foam fingers, or other vibrant gear emblazoned with their favorite teamʼs name or mascot image. Crazy. Sports marketing is about getting the word out about a team or team member in…

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Interview with NHL Sports Agent Scott Norton on Social Media, Twitter Campaigns

Sports agent Scott Norton represents some of the top players and prospects in the National Hockey League today including current Los Angeles Kings captain and 2010 U.S. Olympian Dustin Brown.

While Scott is used to his clients making headlines with their on-ice play, Norton made headlines of his own for a charity campaign that he started on Twitter called ‘Make My Day Mondays’.

I recently got to chat with Scott one on one about the movement he started, why he joined Twitter and what he sees as the future of social media use in the sports industry. Here is what he had to say:

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Sports Industry Statistics And Survey Results

You spoke and we listened! A while back, we created the Sports Business Survey in hopes of creating a better understanding of the top sports industry executives. More than 1,000 people completed the survey and we were amazed with the feedback.

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