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Living the Dream… The Road to Your Sports Career (Step 3)

Hello again, dear valued reader.  Hopefully Step 1 and Step 2 of this column have been both informative and enjoyable to read.  You are already past halfway!  After reading and applying the first two Steps, you are now connected in the industry and you know a specific job you ultimately want to earn. But simply talking to people does…

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Living the Dream… The Road to Your Sports Career (Step 2)

Welcome back to the second installment of what is hopefully the most beneficial 4-part series you will ever read regarding working in sports.  I hope you enjoyed reading Step 1… now on to Step 2.  Hooray! So you are now ready to go, fully armed with names and numbers of people to contact.  Remember, these…

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Living the Dream… The Road to Your Sports Career (Step 1)

So you want to work in sports?  Or are you maybe just trying to figure out if you really want to work in sports?  Lucky you, you have a step-by-step guide to the sports career search and discovery process right here!  Over the coming weeks, I will dive into what it takes, my experiences, and what you…

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LIVE Webinar with Lewis Howes – How To Land Your Dream Job In Sports

Are you looking for a competitive advantage that will help you land that dream job in the sports industry? If your answer is YES, then make sure to join Sports Networker’s CEO – Lewis Howes to find out how! Date: Wednesday, October 17 Time: 2pm EST (ie. NYC) Cost: FREE! Sign Up Here -> During…

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Sports Job Interview with Sean Flynn, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Event Booking – Miami Marlins

Today was a fantastic inside look into baseball for me, as I was able to interview Sean Flynn, the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Event Booking for the Miami Marlins. Baseball is America’s past-time, and it was incredibly interesting to hear about the inner workings of how a Major League team operates. Sean talks…

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3 Keys to Launching Your Sports Career

When it comes to launching your sports career, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is knowing how to begin the career-launching process. To help you with that, I’ve outlined three keys to your success. Develop a Game Plan Schedule Time to Execute the Plan Make a Commitment to Stick With It Develop a Game Plan…

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Recipe for Sports Success: What your Manager won’t tell you

You have landed your job in sports business!  Now what? Congratulations!  You are part of the working order. Whether it is your first gig fresh out of school or you have finally made the career switch to an industry you truly love and wanted to be in, your sports business and sports marketing career has…

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Why You Don’t Have To Be Marv Albert To Become A Sportscaster

When you think of great sports broadcasters, names like Bob Costas, Chris Berman, Marv Albert, or Pat O’Brien come to mind. If your dream is to become a Sportscaster, the first thing you think of might be anchoring ESPN SportsCenter on national television, doing play-by-play for Monday Night Football or covering the Olympics for NBC. Unfortunately, there…

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7 Tips for New Sports Marketing Grads

New sports marketing grads, congratulations. You will soon be receiving a degree that signifies the years of hard work that you have spent learning and mastering your craft. Unfortunately, that piece of paper alone is not going to get you to where you want to be. The sports business is one of the most competitive…

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5 Ways to Overcome the Frustration of Launching a Sports Career

Launching a career in any industry can be a huge challenge. And in the highly-competitive sports industry that challenge can easily tun into frustration. As a sports career coach I hear a lot of people say they feel like they can’t break into sports because they have no idea how to get their foot in…

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Xfinity Ultimate Sports Social Media Job Winner – Austin Schindel [VIDEO]

There were hundreds of hopefuls that wanted to win the Xfinity Ultimate Sports Social Media job, but in the end, there could only be one winner.  Meet Austin Schindel, the new “Xfinity Sports Guy“. Austin, who hails from Washington D.C., is the founder and editor-in-chief of his own sports blog and has worked in the…

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The First Step to Launching Your Sports Career

If your dream is to have a sports career, but have no idea where to start, you’re not alone. I get a ton of email from college students and recent grads telling me they would love a career in sports, but don’t have a clue how to get started. So I ask them: “What do…

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