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What Dirk Can Teach You About Grit, Guts, and Personal Resolve

Want to work in sports? You better be one tough cookie. When you make the bold decision to pursue a career in sports, what you’ve really done—at least initially—is sign up for heartache and rejection. Doors will slam in your face. You will hear the word no. And at some make-or-break point, you’ll have a…

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Help for Stressful Times in the Sports World

Lockouts rule the roost in 2011. First, the NFL muscles flex to show us the veins of how money ultimately rules the football kingdom. We know full well it’s not a game we simply watch on t.v. – it’s a multi-billion dollar business that needs a “dollar-driven enhancement drug” to keep it going.  The NBA…

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5 Ways to Deal With the Frustration of Breaking Into Sports

Trying to land a job – any job – can be a challenging experience. And when it comes to the sports industry, that challenge can easily turn into frustration. I get a lot of emails that express that frustration such as, “I feel like I can’t break into sports because there’s nowhere to go!” Or,…

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How to Position Yourself as an Expert

  If you’re trying to break into sports, one of the most important things you can do is position yourself as an expert. You do this by narrowing your focus to the one thing you’re most passionate about and tie it to your God-given talent. Employers love experts. They will hire the expert over the…

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2 Things You Must Do to Break Into Sports

Some people get overwhelmed — even frustrated — when they wrestle with the concept of breaking into sports. That’s understandable. After all, sports is one of the most difficult industries to break into. And to make things worse, there’s not a guidebook that shows you how to do it. Well, I’ve got some good news….

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Voice of the Box with Nike Senior Footwear Designer

Voice of the Box sits down for an exclusive interview with Nike Senior footwear designer, Jason Mayden. Want to be inspired? Want some great tips to help your career search, Jason provides that and more!

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Sports Career Success Starts in the Mind

The single most-powerful mental exercise for achieving sports career success is visualization. This is how Harvey Mackay, author of the classic, best-selling business book, Swim With The Sharks, describes visualization: “I came to realize that fantasizing, projecting yourself into successful situations, is one of the most powerful means there is to achieve personal goals.” So,…

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The Michael Jordan Guide to Sports Career Success

Michael Jordan is the epitome of sports career success. Not only is he one of the all-time greats on the court, he wields even more power off of it. In June 2010, Jordan was ranked by Forbes Magazine as the 20th “Most Powerful Celebrity in the World,” with $55 million earned. (10 years after his…

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Top Five Sports Jobs

If you’ve ever attended a live sporting event, you’ve seen all types of entry-level sports jobs; from ball boy to towel boy to mascot, but there are some sports jobs that require more skill, education, and passion than a dusty ball boy or a sweaty mascot. While these entry-level sports jobs can open the door…

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10 Tips to Help You Land Your First Sports Job

1. Network, Network, Network

Have you heard the adage “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know?” Well, in sports, it’s more like “who knows you” or “who is familiar with your work”. The key to getting your first job (or any job) is networking. You need to get out there in front of the decision makers who have the power to hire you, whether that’s the head of the sales department, box office or the general manager.

Attending networking functions is a great idea. Most teams and leagues either run their own career fair or attend sports related fairs every year. For example, job seekers interested in a career in Minor League Baseball should attend the annual PBEO Conference (the same “Winter Meetings” where players are traded and the Rule V draft are held ever year) and network with as many people as possible.

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How To Get A Job In Sports

There are many ways to get a job in sports, or in any industry for that matter.  However, I find that there are two crucial, yet basic principles you should be doing on a regular basis to ensure your opportunities are flowing in. Check out my latest (short) video below where I talk about these…

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Get A Job In The Sports Industry Without Being “in” The Industry

Ron Shapiro sheds his light on how he because one of the most influential figures in sports… and it wasn’t because he initially wanted to work in sports. Thanks right.  You don’t have to set out with a ton of work experience “in” the sports industry.  You can be an expert at a certain skill…

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