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Sports Job Interview with Sean Flynn, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Event Booking – Miami Marlins

Today was a fantastic inside look into baseball for me, as I was able to interview Sean Flynn, the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Event Booking for the Miami Marlins. Baseball is America’s past-time, and it was incredibly interesting to hear about the inner workings of how a Major League team operates.

Sean talks about how he worked his way up to the position he currently holds, how the Marlins re-branded themselves, and what he sees as their competitive advantages. Sean attended St. Thomas University graduate school after receiving his undergraduate degree in accounting, and worked for the Tampa Bay Lighting before making the jump to the Florida, then Miami, Marlins.

Sean strongly believes that passion is the driving force towards being successful, which he points out multiple times. Sean is incredibly passionate about what he does, which is why the Marlins were able to successfully sell tickets last year to both Florida Marlins games, as well as future Miami Marlins games. His workload comes with an enormous amount of tasks that need to be completed, but one look at Sean’s background and prior works instantly shows that he is capable of handling such a tremendous amount of responsibility.

During the interview, Sean and I discussed:

  • How he was able to rise through the ranks and become the SVP of Marketing and Event Booking for the Marlins
  • The difference between working for a baseball team as opposed to other sports teams
  • The re-branding of the Marlins as they transitioned from Florida to Miami
  • Sean’s recommendation for breaking in, as well as being successful, in the field of sports business

Transcription from Sean Flynn Interview

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