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5 Ways to Overcome the Frustration of Launching a Sports Career

Launching a career in any industry can be a huge challenge. And in the highly-competitive sports industry that challenge can easily tun into frustration.

As a sports career coach I hear a lot of people say they feel like they can’t break into sports because they have no idea how to get their foot in the door. Some of them say there aren’t any jobs available. And there are others who have had a few internships, made some industry contacts, but are still looking for that elusive “first job in sports.”

If you can relate (most of us can!) I’ve outlined 5 ways to help you overcome that frustration and achieve your goal of working in the exciting world of sports.

1. Understand You’re Not Alone.

You can find a bit of comfort knowing everyone else pursuing a sports career is having their share of difficulty and feel frustration like you are.

2. Change Your Routine

More than likely, you’re in a rut. It’s un-productive. You need to change your daily routine. Make it simple. For instance, getting up an hour early in order to work on your career goal will help ease the pain and bring clarity. Small adjustments can make a big difference when it comes to your career.

3. Make a To-Do List

Launching a sports career sports requires an organized plan of attack. Again, simplicity is key. Break down the process into steps such as conducting informational interviews, identifying targeted employers, tightening up your resume, preparing for tough questions, etc.

If you need help with this, my upcoming book will give you a proven plan written in an easy-to-follow format. Keep in mind: one of the most important parts of your career-launching strategy (whether you get my book, or not), is to write down exactly what you need to do. Make it a priority. Put it in your calendar. And like Nike says, “Just do it.”

4. Create a Small Group

There’s a good chance you know other people who are trying to find a job. Whether it’s in sports, or in another industry, it doesn’t matter. There’s strength in numbers.

Meet with each other on a regular basis, even if it’s just one other person.

Use each other as a sounding board to test some ideas, find encouragement from one another, create accountability and gain confidence.

5. Keep Your Eye On the Prize

The number one reason people fail to land jobs in sports is not because there aren’t enough jobs. They fail because they let the frustration get the best of them and simply quit. Don’t let that happen to you! It’s your choice. Create a vision of the outcome you desire in your head and use it as fuel to keep going. If you don’t quit, you will succeed. All you have to do is hang on a few minutes more than your competitors.

I hope these quick tips help you. Let me know if there’s anything specific you find challenging. I’d love to help any way I can. Feel free to leave your comments/questions below, send me an email or tweet to @sportslaunch or @sportsnetworker

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