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How Sports Teams Are Using Pinterest To Engage Fans

Thanks to Pinterest, I now have 162 uses for a mason jar. Give me five minutes of exploring Pinterest’s boards and I could plan a dream wedding with a stunning dress, decadent cake and creative center piece (using a mason jar of course, what could be more whimsical?). Although the reports say that Pinterest is…

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4 NFL Teams To Follow On Pinterest

The National Football League (NFL) is quickly becoming not only king of popularity, but king of social media as well. Whether it be FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest, teams are talking to the web to keep connected. And some much more than others. Pinterest, at its origins, was considered a hotspot for things about as opposite of…

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French Open Digital Strategy Report Card

This morning, Rafael Nadal took down the World’s #1 player, Novak Djokovic, at the second Grand Slam of the season, the French Open. This final matchup was a historic one in particular as Djokovic was trying to hold all four major Grand Slam titles at the same time (TigerSlam anyone?) and Nadal was vying for…

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The New Teams in Town: Is South Florida Becoming a Sports Marketing Powerhouse?

The battle between small and big market franchises has peppered the landscape of professional leagues since the early days of the 1950s, when National League Baseball first made its exodus to the west, and even more recently during the NBA Lockout this past fall. Heightened mostly around the nearest CBA debate waiting to surface, the…

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