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4 NFL Teams To Follow On Pinterest

The National Football League (NFL) is quickly becoming not only king of popularity, but king of social media as well. Whether it be FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest, teams are talking to the web to keep connected. And some much more than others.

Pinterest, at its origins, was considered a hotspot for things about as opposite of the gridiron game as possible. Instead of cooking recipes and bedspread designs, NFL fans can find their franchie’s page and scroll through a plethora of information and photographs. While nearly every team has a Pinterest account, four franchises stand above the rest. The median number of followers for each team is 646, but these teams show how to utilize social media.

Top 4 Teams on Pinterest

1. Seattle Seahawks

  • 9 following
  • 73 pins

The Seattle Seahawks keep their Pinterest page actively updated and their 29+ thousand fans happy.

Two of the team’s 11 boards are about either the 2012 team as a whole and the 2012 draft pick, showing just how current they keep it. Fans can come here to find photos of the team, cheerleaders and merchandise for purchase.

2. Buffalo Bills

  • 27 following
  • 128 pins

The Bills have a much bigger struggle than the other teams on this list: they come from a much smaller market than the others.

Yes the team is located in the second biggest state (population) in the US, but they share that with two other franchises and don’t have the luxury of being in the big apple. Buffalo clearly uses social media, Pinterest in particular, to better connect with their fabs and build a bigger network.

3. New England Patriots

  • 125 following
  • 568 pins

Take a look at the difference in followers between the Patriots and the top two… quite staggering, isn’t it?

While New England doesn’t boast the high numbers that Seattle and Buffalo do, the team has close to 5x as many “pins” as them. They take fan connectivity to a new level.


4. New Orleans Saints

  • 3 following
  • 339 pins

They do things a little bit different in New Orleans. They have team photos like the other franchises, but the grand majority of their photos are of memorabilia, headlines and graphics, dogs and cakes.

Yes, you read those last two right. They feature Saints Dogs (pets dressed up) and cakes… like the pastry. You got to hand it to ’em, they’re unique.

All numbers are based on 9/3/2012

Comment below with who you think is the best to follow and pin! Make sure to tweet us @sportsnetworker

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  1. sheila Jones August 29, 2013 at 4:22 pm #

    The Indianapolis Colts should be here too…..Go Blue, Coltsrong!!


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