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How to Break Into Sports Marketing

So you want to work in sports? I don’t blame you. There is nothing else I’d rather do. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of people who feel just like you and me, which can make getting into the industry pretty tough. I personally struggled to get my footing. I’ve also been in a position…

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How Sports Teams Are Using Pinterest To Engage Fans

Thanks to Pinterest, I now have 162 uses for a mason jar. Give me five minutes of exploring Pinterest’s boards and I could plan a dream wedding with a stunning dress, decadent cake and creative center piece (using a mason jar of course, what could be more whimsical?). Although the reports say that Pinterest is…

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Social Media Activation During the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

Teams in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs have been doing a fantastic job of capturing both the die-hard and casual fan’s attention throughout the playoffs. With the NHL being the “inferior” member of the major four sports in the United States, they need to do all they can to differentiate themselves. Social media is a…

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