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Get Out of a Sports Ticket Sales Slump

So you’re not having the kind of success you’d like. Your calls are more difficult, you’re not closing as many sales as you’d planned, your manager is supportive but insists on results. Your check isn’t enough to do the things you want to do. This sports thing wasn’t what you thought it would be. This…

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How to Get More Callbacks from Prospects

When someone has decided to call us back before making a buying decision, there’s a good chance (despite all their good intentions) they won’t follow through.  It doesn’t make them liars or bad people.  It’s just the law of averages.  We know people get busy and have other priorities come up in their lives. Are…

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Welcome Back…Now Get Selling!

The holidays have passed us by, it’s 2010, and for those of us who hibernated for several days, it means it’s time to get back to work.  Over the years I’ve seen an inordinate number of people give me excuses why it’s not the “right time” to sell someone right after the holidays: “Everyone’s hung…

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Selling Tickets to the Family

Nothing is quite as powerful or as meaningful to a prospect as the benefits of ticket ownership for their children.  Talk about the benefits of tickets to them personally, and many will say OK… but talk to them about the benefits related to their children, and suddenly the purchase becomes much more personal and emotional….

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Reach out in New and Creative Ways for Ticket Sales

I always take the opportunity to reach out to a customer and show off a brand I represent. I won’t lie, I had a college professor that pounded this into my head for a semester.  Working in ticket sales a few years later, I searched for ways to capitalize on this point. In today’s ticket…

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What to Say When Your Prospect Says, “Call Me Back Later”

You have a prospect who’s genuinely interested.  They’re asking all the right questions, and you’re responding perfectly.  All seems to be going well, and it looks like you’re about to close the deal. All of a sudden they say, “I’ve got some other pressing things that are going on right now, so I have to…

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Salesman Calling!: Where People Answer Their Cell Phones

What’s the strangest thing someone has said to you as they’ve answered a call from you on their cell phone? Sports ticket sales professionals call thousands of prospects a day, and many times we catch people in strange, awkward, or questionable situations. Here are some of the best examples of responses from sales prospects during…

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Top 100 Pieces of Advice for Sports Ticket Sales Reps

1.    Ask yourself, “Why do I want to be in sports ticket sales?”  If it’s because you’ve always wanted to work for a sports team, consider that you may have wanted the job for the wrong reasons. 2.    Be in love with success as much as you are in love with the job.  Don’t take…

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Why Can’t Anyone Remember Your Name?

You’ve done it before. You’re at a networking event, a bar, a neighbor’s apartment, or wherever there are people you’ve not met before.  Someone introduces you to someone else, and instantly their name goes in one ear and out the other.  You struggle to try to get it back, but it’s gone forever. DOH! Why…

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Getting Past Bertha: The Rules of Gatekeeper Engagement in Sales

We all know who Bertha is. She’s the ever-present Gatekeeper… the evil lord of the Decision-Maker’s precious  appointment book, telephone, and front door.  She eats unsuspecting sales reps for breakfast.  She’s been around the block, and knows what you’re up to.  You’re a Salesperson, and as far as she’s concerned, you’re the enemy.  She’s made…

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How to Increase Ticket Sales for Your Sports Team

I had the pleasure to meet with fellow writer, Bill Guertin, during one of my business networking events that I hold around the country.  This event happened to be in Cleveland where Bill was doing some ticket sales consulting with the Cleveland Cavs and meeting with the Cleveland Browns as well. I already knew…

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Why People Want “Deals” and Buy Value

The promise of a “great deal” or a “one-time-only opportunity” is an age-old advertising message that gets everyone’s attention, even in the world of sports tickets.  But is “the deal” what people really want, or is it something else? We’ve all bought a cheap pair of shoes, a shirt, or a bargain electronics item, and…

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