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7 Social Media Tips for Sponsorship Sales

Marketers, and especially sports marketers, in my opinion are vastly more educated in social media than the majority of other professions.  99% of the talk about social media, however, is on how it can be used to market to consumers. Are there social media tips and tricks sponsorship pros can use to better support their…

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100 Reasons You’re Still Searching For Sponsors in Sports

Things have to get better than this year right? The best part about 2009 is that it has re-focused both buyers and sellers on what really matters in sponsorship. Marketers are creating leaner, more effective sponsorship portfolios and properties (“sellers”) have been forced by the competitive environment to take an honest look at their sales…

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Tiger Wood$: The Billion Dollar Man

One billion dollars. $1,000,000,000. Can you say, “Tiger, Tiger Woods, y’all?” That’s a lot of zeros for a guy who gets paid to play a game for a living. Heck, that’s a lot of zeros for a guy who gets paid to do anything for a living! According to Forbes Magazine, Tiger Woods became the…

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How is Your Sponsorship Program?

Perception is reality I am told and recently sports sponsorship has taken it on the chin. Do we need to rehabilitate our image and if so, how?  Some have suggested we should change the terms we use to describe our practice.  Is this managing perception or folding in the face of uninformed critics?   Jason…

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Usain Bolt Breaks Another World Record!

Can Usain Bolt really be that much of a freak to break two of his own world records in one week?  He didn’t just break his world records in the 100m and 200m, he smashed them!  What does this mean for his sponsorship opportunities for the future?  Should brands hop on the wagon and spend…

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7 Sponsorship Sales Lessons from Billy Mays: The Ultimate Pitchman

“Hi, Billy Mays Here!” was his famous tagline and for years he made late night television his home, moving millions upon millions of cleaning products like the Awesome Auger, OxiClean and Orange Glo – two minutes at a time. Mays died recently at his home in Florida, but not before leaving us with many an…

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Endorsements 2 Point 0

Most amateur athletes have recurring dreams about that future big payday. They assume that the money will start pouring in once they sign a contract with a professional organization in a large American sports league. For many, that day never comes. For those who do “go pro” they will quickly realize that the first contract…

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How To Maximize Your Sponsorships in the Down Economy

I spent time with Kevin McIntyre from Leverage Agency and Paul Sewell of the AVP during Super Bowl weekend.  I wanted to know how the AVP was doing on sponsorships during the down economy, and what creative things they were doing to keep and attract new sponsors for the league. The video is close to…

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Need A Sports Sponsor? Find Success With

Are you looking for a sponsor but are finding it harder to get funding because sponsors are cutting budgets and “spending smarter”? If so, is your answer.  Properties are fighting harder for sponsorships and looking for every edge they can get in reaching decision-makers.  Luckily for us SponsorPitch is a company that provides a…

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From The Basement to Madison Ave: Sports Sponsorships Success

Getting “In” The Sports Industry: How hard is it to start off as a one man sponsorship shop working from your basement, to ending up with an office next to some of the Fortune 500 in NYC? 

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