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SHOW ME THE MONEY! Being a Sports Super Agent

As one of our Featured Columnists, Hakeem Onafowokan, has pointed out – becoming a sports agent is only one of the many jobs you can have with a law degree. That said, it is the most thought of thanks to the glitz, the glamour and Jerry Maguire.

But how do you become the next Scott Boras, Drew Rosenhaus or Jay Z? (Well the agent side of Jay Z, anyway. If you came to this site hoping to learn about how to rap about your 99 problems and get paid millions for it, you’ve come to the wrong place. Sorry.)

Check out this awesome infographic below that shows you the pay, charges, relationships, evolution, roles and much more associated with the sports agent industry to become more familiar with it and find out if screaming “SHOW ME THE MONEY” over the phone is for you.

show me the money

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