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Sports Go Social With SmackTalk 360

Sports and social come together with SmackTalk 360Over the past decade, we have all become so used to communicating through various social media outlets that it has flowed into what used to be face-to-face conversation. We have been watching sports and talking smack for much longer.  Eventually, there comes a time when the two converge.  Thus, we have SmackTalk 360.

Sports social platform SmackTalk 360 launches Indiegogo campaign

With SmackTalk 360, fans have access to features like a place to go to talk smack, view the “noise” wall, cheer and boo your favorite comments and gain points to redeem in the future with various sport industry leaders. Talk smack anytime, anywhere.

Allan Sabo, founder of, explains the platform:

”Now talking smack is easier than ever…Finally, a fan centric service is available above and beyond just sports statistics and mindless chatter, SmackTalk360 is a dynamic platform for sports fans to connect with their favorite teams, express opinions play by play, challenge counterparts during sporting events, and banter live in competitive “smack” talk. This one-stop digital destination is every sports fan’s dream!”

Launching a company can be a daunting task in the sports industry.  SmackTalk 360 has chosen to utilize the Indiegogo platform to help fund the project.  This platform is best explained by Indiegogo themselves:

“At Indiegogo you’ll find a welcoming, supportive community that embraces collaboration, fearlessness and authenticity. You provide the passion, we’ll provide industry leading tools and support to help you promote your campaign and raise funds quickly, easily and securely.”

What Exactly Is The Indiegogo Campaign?


The SmackTalk 360 Indiegogo campaign started on October 7 and is set to run for 30 days.  The goal of SmackTalk 360 is to provide users a way to socially engage in sports while cutting out all the media and otherwise useless chatter of other mainstream and social websites.

The idea of launching a full scale mobile campaign by utilizing Indiegogo is a great idea.  Creating a social media platform for sports is an even better idea.

Bringing sports and social together will provide for a large market. In a connected world, it is increasingly important to reach out to fans and drive social conversation.  Sports are proving to be a great way to do that.

Small startup companies can surely take note of the path taken by other companies to reach success.  Take a look at the SmackTalk 360 video below.

Do you think this is an ideal way to fund a business startup?  What kind of niche groups do you think SmackTalk 360 is after?

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