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World Cup 2014 Ticket Demand Heats Up

World Cup 2014The FIFA World Cup 2014 is set to take place in Brazil on June 12.  If you are trying to grab some tickets, you better cross your fingers because applicants are chosen at random. These tickets are hotter than than the bottom of your laptop.

‘World Cup 2014’ Tickets in high demand

On Tuesday, one million tickets for the World Cup were applied for in just seven hours.  This is a direct result of 163,000 people applying in the same amount of time.  For those that don’t know, up to four tickets can be purchased for a total of seven games.

At the end of the first day of sales, the website of football’s governing body FIFA showed that there were more ticket applications than the number of seats available in all four price categories for 12 of the 64 matches.

“The respective ticket product is already heavily oversubscribed and therefore, at that point in time, the success of the application appears very unlikely,” FIFA said of the high demand categories. “There are vastly more ticket applicants seeking tickets than there are tickets presently available for the general public.”

FIFA’s press office also mentioned that in the first hour of sales there were 14,104 requests for a total of 81,821 tickets.  The highest amount of applications thus far have come from Brazil, Argentina, the U.S., Chile and England.  It’s also notable to mention that Brazilian citizens have had 500,000 tickets set aside specifically for them.  While prices for the final range from $440-$990, Brazilians get a great deal with the cheaper section seats costing around $165.

The organization expects a total of nearly 3.3 million tickets to be available for the tournament in Brazil.  Leftover tickets for the first phase will go on sale on November 5.  While only one million tickets have been released for the taking, another sales phase will begin on December 8.

Overall, there should be plenty of chances to apply for your World Cup 2014 tickets.  You can actually do so right here.  Unfortunately the fact is getting tickets for The World Cup ends up being a game of chance.  Make sure you are wearing your lucky jersey when you click apply!

Here is a little more info on the first phase of World Cup 2014 tickets, as explained by FIFA’s Director of Marketing Thierry Weil.

Do you like the way the FIFA goes about selling tickets for the World Cup?

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    I have ordered 10 tickets for the 2014 FIFA World Cup on 15th April which is the last phase. Last time I tried to order, but failed because of inadequate tickets. Now I’m so much happy and all I want is just all of my 10 tickets. I’m anticipating a great world cup this time.

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