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DeSean Jackson Could Join Jay-Z’s Agency

desean-jackson-93a4893d71e95192Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson has fired agent Drew Rosenhaus, and rumors are surfacing that Jackson could sign with Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sports. The new agency, formed in April, has hit the ground running. Clients at the new agency include New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano, New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, and New York Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith.

The source, who spoke to USA Today on the condition of anonymity, said that Jackson has spoken to teammates about signing with Roc Nation and has expressed intrest in Jay-Z’s new agency. After he files paperwork with the NFL players union, Jackson must wait five days before signing a new agent.

Jackson had signed with Rosenhaus in November 2009 during his second season in the NFL when he wanted to sign a new contract before his rookie deal was up. Rosenhaus negotiated a massive $51 million contract extension for five years for Jackson in 2012.

Roc Nation is currently the focus of an investigation launched by the NFL Players Association involving Jay-Z’s recruitment of Geno Smith. According to reports, Jay-Z was present during meetings with Smith, and that the two formed a bond. Due to a recently instituted “runner rule,” agents are prohibited from having colleagues or friends who aren’t NFLPA-certified agents present for recruiting meetings. Because Jay-Z is not a certified agent, he cannot be a part of the recruitment process. Smith had posted a photo of Jay-Z and himself on Instagram during the recruitment process.

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