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What is the “Sponsorship Snapshot?”

Sponsorship Network 1Navigate Research Launches Cost-Effective, Accurate Sponsorship Research Solution

In the beginning of the year, us sports fans chuckled at Visa’s commercials as the chatty, five-year-old girl bombarded Ray Lewis with questions such as “What’s your favorite color?” and as unbeknownst to Coach Harbaugh an epic speech is given to the 49ers in their locker room by a random fan.  As the official sponsor of the National Football League, Visa began airing these commercials at the end of the summer to kick-off the football season.

Fast forward four or five months, and the sports world was buzzing endlessly about the 49ers facing the Baltimore Ravens in Ray Lewis’ “last ride” in a Superbowl game.  The folks at Visa may be psychic, genius, sports savvy or maybe all three.  Whichever is, the value of their NFL sponsorship likely took several twist and turns throughout the NFL season and likely hit one of its highest points during Superbowl XLVII.

While the consuming public enjoyed the creativity of the NFL-Visa partnership, sponsorship executives from the two camps were likely tracking the outcome and effectiveness of the campaign.  With the value and effectiveness of sponsorship partnerships rising and falling continuously throughout a campaign, it is important to receive timely and accurate information pertaining to partnerships such as these.  Though not every agency, property or brand launches a campaign on as large of a scale as the NFL and Visa, Chicago-based Navigate Research, a sponsorship valuation firm, recently launched Sponsorship Snapshot so that entities of any size may track the performance of their sponsorship activities.

Sponsorship Snapshot

Just a few short months after launching new sponsorship valuation software, Navigate continues to make waves in the sports and entertainment sponsorship industry by introducing its newest product, the Sponsorship Snapshot.  With Sponsorship Snapshot, Navigate provides its clients with timely information about the performance of the client’s sponsorship activities in comparison to the industry norms.

The report includes efficient and cost-effective information that includes pertinent data regarding the client’s sponsorship initiatives.  Produced in a fairly short timeframe (three weeks from the campaign’s kick-off), the final report highlights key insights and overall sponsorship performance.  The report also includes actionable recommendations from Navigate professionals.

In efforts to make Sponsorship Snapshot accessible to sports agencies, brands and properties of all sizes, Navigate executives designed its service to be cost effective and flexible to various budgets.

“The Sponsorship Snapshot delivers executive level insights to analyze a sponsorship’s performance—a great solution when working with confined budgets”, says AJ Maestas, President and Founder of Navigate Research.

Sponsorship Navigator

Additionally, Navigate offers its clients the option to utilize a complimentary, light version of Sponsorship Navigator, sponsorship valuation software launched by the company last fall.  The Sponsorship Navigator software provides sponsorship professionals with a cost-effective, online portal to accurately measure the media value, quantitative benefits and qualitative benefits of a sponsorship investment.  Utilizing statistical information from Nielsen Company and Scarborough Sports Marketing, it enables users to assess the fair market value and demographic reach of various corporate sponsorships.

Originally, Navigate’s sponsorship valuation service did not include data from Nielsen and Scarborough.  With Nielsen adding information about the ratings and pricing data of different events and Scarborough providing users with local demographic data based on sports fans’ insights, the Navigator software adds greater depth and detail to sponsorship valuation.

Sponsorship Network 2So What’s the Appeal?

Traditionally, seeking services to evaluate and analyze sponsorship agreements only made financial sense for companies with large budgets, say of $250,000 or more.  However, in the ever-changing sports and entertainment sponsorship industry, every sponsorship deal regardless of the monetary value is important.  With Navigate’s products and services, brands, agencies and properties of all sizes have the opportunity to take advantage of customized and high-quality sponsorship valuation services.

Overall, whether there’s a local sports agency, a major league sports team or an international sports property that needs to track the performance of its sponsorship, Navigate Research offers products and services that can fit your needs.

Navigate Research

Navigate Research is an industry leader in sports and entertainment sponsorship measurement and analysis.  The research firm focuses on providing its clients with custom market research, sponsorship valuation and sponsorship ROI information.  Since its inception, Navigate professionals have measured and provided analysis for sponsorship transactions valued at over $2 billion for both brands and properties.  Notable clients include the National Football League, Major League Soccer, ESPN, Sony, Red Bull, The Marketing Arm, AAA and more.

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