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Cast Your Vote For the Sports Executive Dream Team 2013

SPORTS LAUNCH – The Magazine is looking to YOU to help decide who should be included in the “Sports Executive Dream Team 2013.” As you can see from the image to the left, our very own CEO, Lewis Howes has made the magazine cover along with track star turned sports agent, Ashley Millerick and Bob Beaudine, the…

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How to Achieve Your Sports Career Goals in 2013

If your number one career goal in 2013 is to land a job in sports, you’re in the right place! I’ve been helping people with their careers since 1998. And out of all my business experience, including my “Dream Job” with the Dallas Mavericks, nothing has been more fulfilling than helping people — just like…

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How to Avoid the “Dead-End” Sports Job Search Strategy

If you’ve read any of my posts on Sports Networker, then you know I’m a big believer in having a strategic plan to land your first job in sports. However, many aspiring sports executives are using a dead-end strategy. I call it the black hole of job-searching. This is the place where resumes and cover…

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How to Unleash Your Sports Career ‘BHAG’ to Get to the Next Level

Jim Collins wrote a best-selling business book entitled, . In the book he and co-author, Jerry Porras, coined the term, “Big Hairy Audacious Goals.” BHAG (pronounced, Bee-hag) is a strategic business statement which is created to focus an organization on a single, medium-to-long-term goal, which is audacious. Those on the outside of the company are likely…

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3 Keys to Making “Meaningful Connections” at Live Sports Networking Events

If your goal is to work in the sports business industry, make sure “Live Networking” is part of your career-launching strategy. Not sure what that means? Live Networking includes networking in-person at trade shows, conferences, seminars and workshops. Jobs don’t appear out of thin air. You have to network! 3 Keys to Meaningful Connections: #1: Your…

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Why Your “Identity” Can Help You Land a Job in Sports

NFL General Managers talk about it. NFL coaches talk about it. Even NFL sportswriters talk about it. What is it? It’s your “Identity.” Award-winning sportswriter, Rick Gosselin says, “When I study the New York Giants I know exactly what they are. Their philosophy hasn’t changed in 30 years. Big bodies from big schools — New…

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The Most Powerful Exercise for Reaching Your Goal of Working in Sports

The single most-powerful mental exercise for achieving your sports career goal is visualization. This is how Harvey Mackay, author of the classic business book, Swim With the Sharks, describes visualization: “I came to realize that fantasizing, projecting yourself into successful situations, is one of the most powerful means there is to achieve personal goals.” Visualization is nothing new. You…

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Why Radical Love for Your Profession Will Help You Break Into Sports

Do you love sports? Of course you do. But who cares? Employers in the sports business industry sure don’t. What sports employers really care about is how much love you have for your profession. Imagine Your Love Coming to Life Imagine if you were so crazy in love with sports marketing that you consumed everything…

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3 Keys to Winning a Job in the Competitive World of #Sportsbiz

If you want to work in sports, you better be ready to compete. Because like Vince Lombardi once said, “The most competitive games draw the most competitive men,” the sports business world is exactly that. To compete — and win a job — in the highly-competitive sportsbiz landscape, I’ve outlined three keys that will empower…

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How Your ‘Intro Letter’ Can Kick Open Any Door in Sports — Including Dallas Cowboys’ Owner Jerry Jones’

Several weeks ago I wrote about The 10 Touch-Points of Personal Branding and how it can help you launch your sports career. Touch-Point numero uno is your “Intro Letter.” Today I’m going to show you why your Intro Letter is so important and how you can write one strong enough to kick open any door…

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Why “Beast Mode” is Key to Breaking Into Sports

Why do some people get killer jobs in sports and others are relegated to whatever garbage happens to post online? Sure, some people are lucky because they have an uncle in the sports business. But most of us, like you and me, have to create our own luck if we want to work in sports. And…

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5 Ways to Overcome the Frustration of Launching a Sports Career

Launching a career in any industry can be a huge challenge. And in the highly-competitive sports industry that challenge can easily tun into frustration. As a sports career coach I hear a lot of people say they feel like they can’t break into sports because they have no idea how to get their foot in…

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