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5 Ways to Get Involved in Sports Business During College

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior studying at a small liberal arts college or a large research university, if you want to work in sports business, you need to get heavily involved in the industry. It is never too early or too late to gain practical experience that will help you connect with decision…

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Sports Fan Engagement From Vancouver to Melbourne [VIDEO]

Meet Ryan McKee.  He is the Fan Development Manager for Essendon Football Club in the Australian Football League. I first met Ryan just over a year ago when we presented together at an event hosted by the Canadian Sport Center Pacific on the impact of social media in sports. Back then, he was the Marketing Manager…

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Manhattan Sports Business Academy: Innovative Summer Program where Sports Business Leaders are Made

Every year, thousands of students across the country search for sports internships to break into the sports business industry. In this ultra-competitive field, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to gain as much as experience as possible and meet influential people in just a few few short months of the summer. Students need to maximize their time…

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5 Ways to Deal With the Frustration of Breaking Into Sports

Trying to land a job – any job – can be a challenging experience. And when it comes to the sports industry, that challenge can easily turn into frustration. I get a lot of emails that express that frustration such as, “I feel like I can’t break into sports because there’s nowhere to go!” Or,…

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Find a Job in Sports: Be Your Own PR Agent

I’ve decided to take a detour from writing about current issues and events surrounding sports public relations to provide some simple tips to young people entering the business. I recently read a query from a college-age man who is set to graduate this spring. He asked for advice from the panel about how to get…

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Top 9 Ways To Break Into Sports

(This is a guest article by Mark Washo) I host a weekly online Sports Management chat as an Adjunct Professor for Sports Management Worldwide where I’m able to invite guest speakers from within the sports industry to participate. Over the past few months the students have learned from executives at many top teams, companies and…

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