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Manhattan Sports Business Academy: Innovative Summer Program where Sports Business Leaders are Made

Sports InternshipsEvery year, thousands of students across the country search for sports internships to break into the sports business industry. In this ultra-competitive field, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to gain as much as experience as possible and meet influential people in just a few few short months of the summer.

Students need to maximize their time in order to truly get a comprehensive and worth-while experience. However, many students lack the skill and resources to truly make the most of their internship and fail to translate their experiences to a full-time job.

A New Model of Sports Internships

A new program called the Manhattan Sports Business Academy, aims to change traditional sports internships. Founded by Leverage Agency CEO, Ben Sturner, MSBA has launched to prepare students for the sports industry in an eight-week immersion in a sports business leadership program catered to give college students a jump start into the sports business world through internship, mentorship, and networking in the mecca of sports, New York City.

MSBA is not your average sports internship program as you can see below from their mission statement:

It is our goal to broaden the traditional internship into a 360-degree experience that helps college students prepare for their future career in the business of sports. At MSBA, we strive to increase the value of internships by incorporating additional academic, interactive, and entertainment components; we do this through group outings, networking events, a weekly speaker series, and providing one-on-one mentorships with established and successful industry executives”.

An Intern’s Perspective

Sports InternshipsI had the great pleasure of interning for Ben Sturner this past summer at Leverage Agency in New York City. I can say that my experience interning for Leverage was one of the best professional experiences I’ve had in my young career. He really understands how difficult it is for students to enter into the sports industry and does everything he can to make sure the intern gets the most out of the experience.

Everyday I learned something new from Ben and my mentor within the company, Chris Farrell. I was given unparalleled opportunities to interact with very influential people, attend prestigious events and gain hands-on experience that will no doubt be beneficial to me in my future career. I would without a doubt recommend anyone who is serious about becoming a force in the sports industry to apply for the Manhattan Sports Business Academy.

Launch Your Career In The Sports Industry

The Manhattan Sports Business Academy, a leadership and mentoring program, was launched to give undergraduate and graduate students the skills and resources to launch a career in the highly competitive sports business world.

MSBA is an eight-week program that includes internship placement, career development workshops, weekly guest speakers, one-on-one mentoring with established sports industry professionals, weekend group outings, and an optional fitness and training component.

Participants in this program will have the opportunity to intern with teams, leagues, agencies, and events in the area of focus that interests them such as marketing & sponsorships, event management, public relations, and athlete representation.

A total of 45 notable industry executives have been confirmed for the weekly speaker series. Some of the confirmed speakers are Darren Rovell (Sports Business Reporter for CNBC), Doug Smoyer (VP of Business Development at NY Giants), Lou Koskovolis (SVP of Corporate Sales and Sponsorship at the MLB), Dan Singer (Managing Director at McKinsey & Company), and Ross Greenburg (Former President of HBO Sports).
The following is an article in SportsPro Magazine where Ben Sturner, founder of MSBA, speaks about the program:

How To Apply

MSBA serves as a valuable experience for young professionals looking to jumpstart their career in sports and get the job they have always dreamed of. MSBA is a competitive program and is only accepting 25 people for its inaugural year. Click here to apply for the 1st MSBA Summer Program. Applications are due January 31st, 2012.

Do you know of any other sports internships that are helping students enter the industry? Let us know if you are planning on applying for the MSBA by leaving a comment below and make sure to send a shout out to Ben on Twitter to show him your passion for the sports industry!

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