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3 Ways Sports And Social Media Build Fan Loyalty

Social media has become a trend in the sports world that is sure to stick around for a while.  Because of this, teams are planning social media suites into new stadium plans, they’re creating team voices and they are added social media to their business plans.  In return, fans are expecting more from their favorite…

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Interaction on Social Media: How to Build Rapport and Value

LIKE ME, RETWEET ME, FOLLOW ME, LINK WITH ME! It gets overwhelming at times.  How do you accurately interact on social media? The trick is trying to figure out how to get your message across, increase your exposure, but make sure you do it in a way that builds rapport with those in your social…

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The Psychology Of Social Sports Fans: What Makes Them So Crazy?

From Longyearbyen to Ushuaia the world is filled with fans. They are the lifeblood of professional sports and the only reason why anybody in the industry receives a check. According to a recent A.T. Kearney study today’s global sports industry is worth between €350 billion and €450 billion ($480-$620 billion). In an industry of this size and scope connecting to and…

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Monetize Social Media In Sports – Carson McKee Interview

It’s no secret that professional sports teams are finding tremendous value in engaging in social media these days. It provides them with an additional touch point to connect with their fans and drive traffic to their website.  However, many sports teams are finding it challenging to monetize social media because of the fine balance between…

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Sports 2.0 and the Age of Social Media

Whenever I get a chance to watch my Buckeyes crush opponents on television these days, I always catch myself checking my Twitter stream or Facebook feed in between plays and during commercial breaks. I may catch a commercial here or there, but for the most part, I am too busy socializing online about the game to pay attention.

Social media has become a regular part in my sports-watching experience. For kids growing up now, it’s a whole new ballgame than the one we grew up where we had to bear through every single advertisement impatiently wondering if there will be another first down. The geniuses at Espresso’s Infiltrators capture this essence perfectly in the deck below. They go through the age of sports that us ‘old folks’ went through and compare it with the new age of social media: sports 2.0.

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Sports Debate: What Athletes Should Be Using Social Media?

Question: Who can benefit more from social media: small-time or big-time athletes? Ryan: My initial reaction is small time athletes and big-time athletes once their career is in a decline. I will start with the argument for small-time athletes. Upper echelon and mainstream athletes already have significant followings. Many have endorsement deals, sell tons of…

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How Athletes Can Build Their Personal Brand

It’s no surprise professional athletes are using social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and even Ustream everyday.  Being an ex pro athlete myself (even on a smaller scale than the NFL) I loved connecting with my fans before and after games. I had my regular group of fans that would come down by the field…

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Social Media Report Card – Steve Nash

In November 2009, I introduced a series of articles I called ‘Social Media Report Card,’ where I graded each of the four major sports leagues – NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB – on their social media presence. I made a point of being harsh. In particular, I criticized each of the leagues for only utilizing…

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The Power of Social Media Giveaways

“In full disclosure, Jalen Rose is a VaynerMedia client. We are assisting him in growing and diversifying his brand online, primarily through the use of social media.” Yesterday, former 14 year NBA veteran and current ESPN analyst, Jalen Rose, launched a giveaway on Facebook and on Twitter. He will give one winner a signed basketball…

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Learn How To Measure Social Media ROI

How do you measure social media ROI?  What should you be measuring?  Are you seeing a return on your efforts?  Is it even worth your time to be using social media tools in sports, or any industry for that matter?  Luckily, SportsNetworker’s featured expert, Amy Martin with Digital Royalty, breaks it down for us in…

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