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Build Partnerships, Not An Advertising Network

With the ever growing need for ROI validation when it comes to digital marketing efforts, sports teams need to remember that when trying to derive measurable results, that ones brand shouldn’t be pawned off to potential sponsors to make a profit. Rather, teams should focus on building a comprehensive strategy that will allow them to…

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The Digital Off-Season

With a new NBA Champion being crowned in the Dallas Mavericks, not only does it mark the end of a long and exciting NBA season, but it also marks the beginning of the off-season. While the off-season provides an opportunity for players to rest (with a few exceptions. See Kobe Bryant.) and a chance for…

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Why Sports Teams [Don’t] Need Facebook Developers and Apps

“All good things come to an end.” Those words couldn’t be any more true. With Facebook investors looking toward an exit and an expected IPO sometime early next year, the casualties from Facebook not only include a multitude of social networks and startups, but very soon, Facebook developers. While it may be a little premature…

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Sports Professionals: Can You Tell A Story?

Marketing. If you were to look it up in a dictionary, you might find one of the following definitions: The exchange of goods for an agreed sum of money. The commercial processes involved in promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service. The process by which companies determine what products or services may be of…

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Should Sports Teams Use Deal-A-Day Sites?

The hottest market to be in right now is deals. From Living Social to Groupon, finding a deal in your city is easier than ever. With big brands like Gap, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon already having joined in on the party, the sports world is starting to turn their attention toward this rapidly growing…

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How Much Should You Spend On Facebook?

In sports marketing, no matter how great an idea is, the question of cost will always come up. The digital space is no exception to this rule. Up to this point, a sports team’s marketing and business development budget in the digital space has for the most part been limited to a team’s main website…

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5 Questions To Ask About Your Sports Organizations’ Digital Team

Today, every sports organization has a digital team that’s in charge of the upkeep and management of the teams digital assets. From the articles that go up on the website daily, to the Tweets and Facebook updates that are shared with fans, a teams digital presence has grown from just banner ads and email blasts…

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When To Hit The Panic Button In Sports

The panic button. While it actually doesn’t exist per say, it’s one that we have all encountered. Whether it be an advertisement that didn’t turn out the way we wanted or putting together a team that didn’t perform like expected, the panic button symbolizes a need for help and in some cases, realization of failure….

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Why Change is Necessary in Sports and Social Media

The key to an effective message is its’ ability to deliver a specific message to a specific individual. The problem with many social media campaigns today though is that strategies are often geared toward hitting a large mass audience with no specific target. In comparison, this is like submitting your resume to a company without…

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The Value Of The Loyal Fan

We’ve all done it. Whether we want to admit it or not, we’ve all become bandwagoners of a team at some point of our sports life. UrbanDictionary poetically defines a ‘bandwagoner’ as “someone who shamelessly cheers for a particular team not because he likes them or follows them faithfully, but only because that particular team…

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Playing Within Facebook’s Rules

(This is a guest post by Joseph Yi) While there are plenty of articles that discuss the advantages of running a promotion on Facebook, what few mention are the difficulties in actually getting a promotion that falls within Facebook’s promotions guidelines launched. In what can only be described as ambiguous and unclear, Facebook’s Promotions Guidelines…

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Limits of a Team’s Brand

When sports teams first began using social media, they gained followers and fans primarily because of their brand. Fans wanted to be part of their favorite team’s community and sports teams were more than happy to have them. Still, many sports teams eventually faced the realization that their brand could only bring them so far. Teams that relied on their brand identity to generate interest soon discovered that after most ‘hardcore’ fans had discovered their teams Facebook or Twitter page, the numbers dropped off. To attract the casual fan, teams had to prove to them that they could bring value.

For teams, providing value to fans means winning games. Winning games fills seats and keeps fans happy. When it comes to creating value on social media platforms though, winning doesn’t necessarily translate into happy fans or engagement. Winning will get fans interested in a team, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will get them to follow or like their fan page.

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