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The Power of Mobile Marketing for Sports Teams

Mobile marketing is a very powerful tool for sports teams and organizations. It allows them to engage and interact, on a personal level, with their customers (fans), both at the stadium and throughout the season. Additionally, it is a communication medium that is ideal for the sports fan demographic, which is trending young, educated, and…

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The 3 Most Significant Sports Agent-Athlete Relationships

In Australia, sports agents have recently been on the receiving end of some bad press. There have been stories of indiscretions in both AFL (Australian Rules Football), involving Ricky Nixon, and NRL (Rugby League), with Sam Ayoub. The reports have tainted both the respective sports as well as the reputation of sports agents.  I won’t…

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Technology is Revolutionizing How We Watch Sport

Sport, unlike other forms of entertainment, lends itself to short bursts of consumption and technology is increasingly becoming an enabler in that process. Technology is driving innovations in how we watch sport and even changing the reason why we watch it in the first place. Passionate sports fans, especially avid armchair fans, have a scarce…

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From Social Media to Traditional Marketing, Coke Maintains its Fizz

Sports marketing strategies are becoming increasingly sophisticated. The days of corporations walking away satisfied after paying millions of dollars to display their logo on a team jersey are long gone.  Savvy marketers know that you to have go where the eyeballs are. Whether it be social media, digital marketing or the more traditional channels, you…

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Cause Marketing in Sports

The latest cause marketing deal in sports was announced in Kansas City on Tuesday last week. Soccer club Sporting KC (formerly the Kansas City Wizards), which plays in Major League Soccer, did an historic and innovative deal with the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The club has handed over naming rights of its new $200 million stadium…

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A Sports Marketing Success Story

Sports marketing has evolved over the last few decades. It used to consist simply of a television commercial, a signboard at a televised event, or maybe a player endorsement with a chosen player wearing a company logo on a shirt.  Today, sports marketing is far more innovative and sophisticated. Sponsors want returns for their investment…

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The Fastest Growing Team Sport in the USA

A study conducted in 2010 by America’s Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) found that rugby (union) is now the third fastest growing sport in the United States, following softball and ice hockey. In a previous study, which used data collected between 2007 and 2009, the SGMA had also revealed that rugby was actually the fastest…

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How Digital Solutions Are Strengthening Grass Roots Sports

You often hear how digital and new media impacts top-level professional sports to generate new revenue streams and reach its growth potential. Over the last few years there has been growth in the monetization of digital media and the likes of the NFL, NBA and MLB are beginning to cash in. Here in Australia, an…

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How to Choose the Right Athlete to Endorse Your Brand

A savvy athlete can today command huge endorsement and sponsorship deals. A recent article on the BBC spoke of the endorsement riches awaiting British tennis star Andy Murray, despite his recent loss in the Australian Grand Slam final – his third unsuccessful attempt to win a major. In the Sports Illustrated feature on the 50…

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The Greatest Athlete Comebacks in Sports History

Australia’s swimming legend and most successful Olympian, Ian Thorpe, announced last week that he would be returning to competitive swimming with a view to winning even more medals at the 2012 Olympic Games, in London. Thorpe, who is just 28 years old, originally took a break from swimming in 2006 and, at the time, refused…

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Are Mid-season Acquisitions Good Business for Sports Teams?

It’s been quite a hectic few days in the latest transfer window of the English Premier League (EPL). As I write this post, it is still transfer deadline day in England and rumors of players switching clubs in the remaining last few hours are dominating the sports headlines. The transfer commanding the most headlines has…

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The Secret to The Indian Premier League’s Success

The Indian Premier League (IPL), which recently had its player auction in Bangalore for the upcoming 4th season, is one of the largest events on the global sport calendar.  The 2011 season gets underway on April 8th. The IPL is a franchised T20 (twenty twenty) cricket league that now comprises 10 teams spread across the…

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