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Pricey Homes of Famous NFL Players

The Barclay’s Premier League, also known as England’s top-flight soccer league, features some of the wealthiest athletes anywhere in the world. According to the most recent annual list of Britain’s wealthiest footballers as released by, the top of the list is made up of Wayne Rooney, Michael Owen, Ryan Giggs, and Steven Gerrard. Their talents help them pile up wealth in excess of £30 million each.

They also have spectacular homes around the country to stash their wealth in. Wayne Rooney’s mega-estate in Cheshire is worth £11 million. Ryan Giggs’ mansion is worth £2 million. Steven Gerard has something far bigger — an £18 million mansion in Beverly Hills, California.

The NFL’s Most Luxurious Homes

Speaking of California, how does life treat America’s finest footballers? What kind of digs do they go for to show off their $100 million-dollar net worth? If you would like to compare, here goes.

Tom Brady’s $40 million palace

51835375 General Views of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen's recently completed custom home located next to the Brookline Country Club golf course in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. There was discussion that they wouldn't be allowed to join the club due to their high profile lives. FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

In 2014, Tom Brady and supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen decided that their $20 million mansion simply didn’t do justice to their wealth and success. Which is why they sold it to Dr. Dre, and moved on — to Boston. With a net worth of $120 million, Brady decided the family needed something worth at least $40 million.

Built to rub shoulders with Boston’s exclusive Brookline Country Club, the 5-acre estate is custom-designed. The home itself has a Baja shelf pool, five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a wine cellar, a yoga studio and a motor court (which is an elevated terrace just for the cars).

Interestingly, when this exclusive couple applied to the country club next door, they were turned down. Brookline values its privacy, and having a superstar walk around their grounds would bring in paparazzi.

Tony Romo’s $9 million mansion

The Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback owns one of the greatest mansions of any top NFL player. Sitting on 32,000 square-feet of beautiful grounds, the home has a swimming pool, spa, six vast bedrooms and lawns that stretch on forever. With its Dallas location, there may not be much use for fireplaces. Nevertheless, the home does have three.

Russell Wilson’s $7 million home

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has a home right on Lake Washington. Living with his hip-hop singer fiancé Ciara, he’s turned his home into a great romantic pad with its own little harbor on the lake. When they decide to come indoors, there are seven bedrooms and bathrooms. With Lake Washington practically out there to call their own, though, why would they come inside?

Brandon Marshall’s $5 million home

The New York Jets wide receiver has is one of the fanciest mansions in the game. Occupying 2.5 acres in a Florida gated community, the vast estate includes space for horses, a game room, a large movie theater and even a professional basketball court.

Marshawn Lynch’s $4 million home

Built on the waterfront in Richmond, California to overlook San Francisco Bay, the 7,000 square-foot home with five bedrooms and bathrooms has its own little harbor with a luxury boat moored. The family gets to take it out anytime they want. The home is built on stilts over the water, which should make for some interesting sound effects when the weather turns rough.

You’re probably curious about Peyton Manning


With career earnings touching $240 million, Manning is the number one NFL football player by wealth. Yet, his home is worth less than a tenth of what Tom Brady has put together. Built in Colorado, the estate of the former Broncos captain is right outside Denver in Cherry Hills Village. Taking up 3.4 acres, it features a 16,000 square-foot home with seven bedrooms, ten baths and a seven-car garage. The recently retired superstar even has a panic room and a vast, homegrown Christmas tree on the manicured lawns.

Of course, there are plenty of over-the-top celeb footballer homes all over the country. The greatest are owned by former NFL superstars. Joe Montana’s mansion is worth $35 million, and Jerry Richardson, who is worth $1 billion, has mansions all over the world.

The International Presence of Huge Estates

When it comes to high-profile homes, Britain attracts wealthy buyers from all over the world. It isn’t so much the luxury that’s available; anyone could build a luxury home anywhere in the world. It’s about Britain’s inimitable pastoral landscapes.

Wherever in the country you would love to live, whatever aristocratic home you might have your eye on, you can probably find it right here at from Alan de Maid or other accomplished listing services. You won’t have to look very far before you find something truly special.

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