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Contemplating a Sports MBA? Just do it.

It's hard work, but getting a sports MBA is worth itA Masters of Business Administration is a very useful degree in the sports industry. There are many career paths within the industry that require an MBA in order to be successful, and a concentration in Sports Management shows your dedication to the industry.

You want to leave your mark and make an impact worth remembering; as it is not only the athletes that make the industry what it is but the business people behind the scenes as well. Sports management careers span professional sports teams, collegiate sports, non-profit sports organizations and schools.

There are people managing the day to day affairs, negotiating the best deals for their franchises and making sure that each and every person involved with these processes is happy and doing what they are there to do.

Here Are The Things to Consider When Pursuing A Sports MBA


Aside from the general business administration courses necessary to get the MBA, the sports industry specialization requirements include a concentration on one or two specific courses in addition to the regular sports management courses. An example of these would be Ethics and Legal Issues in Sports and Sports Marketing.
This simply means it is not much more to get a Sports MBA than just a normal MBA.

You should also be well versed in the art of negotiating and coaching. It would be unwise to just take whatever offer is placed on the table without having a good counteroffer. Negotiation skills show that you have what it takes to make it and to get the best deals for the athletes signed under you. For those who aspire to have their own agency and management company for athletes, it is an absolutely necessary skill.

Traditional vs Online Programs

Nowadays, people are busy. Busy to the point where it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day for them for them to do everything. This is actually what keeps many from pursuing their degrees. There are options for those who are always on the run.

These days everyone is on the go and on the internet. Luckily, it seems that everything can be done online, including your degree. Despite what some may say, online degrees are just as valid as traditional degrees.

The only difference is that with a traditional degree you have more thorough access to the teacher and their experiences. Online students need more self-discipline, since online school is rigorous. One thing to keep in mind is accreditation. If you are choosing to pursue an online degree, you must make sure it is from an accredited school.

If you are trying to decide, do some research on all the programs available and learn where it is possible to obtain an online degree. There are several links to schools offering an MBA in Sports Management either online or traditionally.



There are quite a few lucrative positions in the sport industry to choose from. Marketers are needed because athletes don’t only work on the field, but off the field as well. An athlete is a brand and every brand needs top marketing specialists to guide them.

There are also career paths in ticket sales and event promotion. People have to provide customer service to the public and make them want to attend games and buy merchandise pertaining to whichever team they work for.

There are other areas, such as analytics and operations, for a sports franchise as well.

Why is an MBA Useful?

A higher education is important in whatever degree you choose to pursue. The advanced degree will be incredibly beneficial to you. This degree can not only help you advance in your career faster, it can also increase you earnings. The higher the degree and the more important the position, the more you will get paid.

Job security is another reason why an MBA in sports would be useful. Even in the realm of professional sports it is very important to be surrounded by those that know what they are doing both on and off the field. Having your MBA makes you a very valuable asset to any team and, since completing the curriculum helped you sharpen your business skills, you will be valued as an integral part to the management, marketing or operations of a team. The sports management concentration will only help secure your job.

Who doesn’t want to receive recognition and accolades for what they do or what they are passionate about? Many industries require their employees to have degrees, and having it from the beginning avoids any unpleasant business about missing out on promotions. Thinking ahead and having your MBA in sports shows that you are dedicated to the industry and are willing to go above and beyond what is necessary.

Still contemplating? Just do it. There are several programs around the country to choose from.

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