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‘The Sporting Nation’ Markets Sports To A Multi-Cultural United States

SportsLeagues, websites, and major networks are trying to figure out ways to better market sports to the growing US Latino communities. may be on to something with their unique approach to reaching the market.  Part of their mission is to bring together both US and Latino markets and provide them with a unified sporting news site.

Sports marketed for a melting-pot nation

The United States has long been known as a melting pot of ethnicities. is looking to bridge the gap between US and Latino sports fans.  Their aim is to provide sports news that appeals to both cultures in one place.

The site’s goals are as follows:

  • Tell great stories from across all of the major professional sports
  • Spotlight the contributions, achievements and awesomeness of Latino athletes
  • Provide opportunities for Latino sports journalists looking to find their way in the ultra competitive sports industry

The Sporting Nation is digitally focused on providing great sports content for the “bicultural US”.  Founder of the site – Robert Rodriguez – spoke on how many companies go about marketing to Latinos:

“The other companies are either focused on the Spanish-speaking sports fan, or will occasionally write a profile story on a Latino athlete but the coverage is usually aligned with a large event and as result will story soon fades from consciousness.”

Soccer, football, boxing, and baseball were good starting points for the site’s sports stories.  They have now moved on to include NASCAR and UFC as well.

Robert made sure his employees – Jose Romero and Mario Flores – were chosen carefully.  Both guys have a strong background in Latino sports business.  Romero started as a sports writer for a small-time bilingual newspaper, giving him a proper credentials for The Sporting Nation.  Flores is a veteran of the Hispanic public relations field.  His sports marketing background is well suited and ideal for the site as well.

With a unique outlook on the US and Latino sports markets, is certainly on to something.  By providing a digital landscape focused on appealing to both cultures, the site is creating a bridge in the market gap.  The Sporting Nation is the new voice in bicultural sports news.

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