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Super Bowl Halftime Show, The Pinnacle Of Pepsi’s Marketing Season

Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show The Super Bowl is the mecca of sports marketing and media advertising.  It’s no surprise that a company like PepsiCo has the official naming rights to the halftime show:  The Pepsi Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show to be specific.

And that’s not all Pepsi has in mind this football season.

With the NFL kicking off this past weekend, Pepsi kicked off their marketing season as well.

Super Bowl Halftime Show just part of Pepsi’s plan

Pepsi is joining football fans everywhere in celebrating the start of the season.  In light of this, the beverage company and the NFL released a commercial to announce that Grammy winner Bruno Mars will grace the stage at the Super Bowl halftime show.

Not only that, but Pepsi has also recently launched the “Are You Fan Enough?” campaign.  The marketing effort includes things such as opportunities to be featured on stadium jumbotrons, exclusive Madden NFL 25 content,  chances to win NFL tickets, and more.  Angelique Krembs – Vice President of Pepsi Marketing – explains the NFL and Pepsi partnership:

“Pepsi and the NFL have a rich history of delivering the ultimate fan experiences, and that journey begins at kickoff and carries on through the season, all the way to the Super Bowl and the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show.  Through our unrivaled network of sports and music relationships, we are thrilled to unlock even more excitement and passion that fans have for the game. The ‘Are You Fan Enough?’ campaign seeks to illustrate how Pepsi brings fans together while delivering unforgettable experiences throughout the season.”

Pepsi is furthering its marketing reach by incorporating a certain degree of market segmentation within the “Are You Fan Enough?” campaign.  Take a look at how Pepsi plans on segmenting its market reach:

  • NFL rookies will ask fans to show they are fan enough by voting for Rookie of the Week on, sponsored by Pepsi NEXT.
  • Diet Pepsi will ask female fans to flaunt their fandom for a chance to win prizes.
  • Pepsi will encourage fans to enter for a chance to win tickets to NFL games, team merchandise, and participate in special NFL moments.
  • Fans are being asked to utilize the #FanEnough hashtag.

The NFL and Pepsi have a long standing partnership together.  It only seems right that the pinnacle of the NFL season is sponsored by Pepsi.  With the soft drink company building anticipation with fans all season, everyone is sure to love this year’s halftime show.

Take a look at this hilarious “Are You Fan Enough?” promotional video.  What do you think of the marketing tactics that Pepsi is employing?

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