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5 NBA Teams to Follow on Google+

We’ve already covered Facebook and Twitter as we highlight the NBA on social media and which teams are dominating social media. We now move over to Google+ where some franchises are utilizing the growing social networking site.

Some of these you’d expect based on geographical location and demographic, but other medium market teams are really holding their own. So without further ado, here are some of the NBA’s top teams on Google Plus.

5 NBA Teams to Follow on Google+

Boston Celtics

Circles – 351,407

Plus 1 – 352,129

The Big Green of Boston has won more NBA championships than any other franchise, and they have found success in social media as well. The Celtics could use more frequent content, but when they do post it’s typical useful information.

Los Angeles Lakers

Circles – 893,484

Plus 1 – 890,814

It makes sense that the second most successful franchise in the NBA would be next on our list, right? Well here is the Los Angeles Lakers and all their popularity.

With nearly double as many Plus 1s and circles as any other team, the Lakers are by far the most popular franchise on Google+. But with names like Steve Nash, Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard, it’s no wonder.

Brooklyn Nets

Circles – 343,055

Plus 1 – 341,133

Now, you couldn’t get  a more opposite team to follow the Celtics and Lakers. The new, revitalized Nets are rebranding themselves and are taking to Google+ to show their new appeal.

They’re one of the hottest, highly talked about teams and are incredibly active online. Following the Nets is a smart move.

New York Knicks

Circles – 517,574

Plus 1 – 514,549

How about those cross town Knicks? Both of the North East teams have had the beginning of their seasons impacted by Hurricane Sandy. While the Knicks are way more active on their other social media sites, with one of the largest followings in the league they’re still a worthy franchise to keep an eye on.

Portland Trail Blazers

Circles – 426,711

Plus 1 – 424,499

The Portland Trail Blazers have by far the smallest market on this list, but make up for it with one of the deepest and most passionate fan bases. The Rose City is active on-line in following their team. Portland is one of the most active teams on Google+, posting multiple times nearly every day and quite frequently on game day.

If you didn’t see your team on here, comment with why they should be included. Make sure to send us a tweet and follow @SportsNetworker

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