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Inspiring your Networks to Share your Stories

One of the key things to making your sports website work is getting the people who already love you to share your links or stories within their networks. This works similar to third party marketing – where someone else is endorsing your product for you. You ‘recruit’ people who like you so much they effectively become your sales team. You don’t need to sell your product because they do it for you.  Their ‘sale’ might be them sharing your link amongst their friends or even telling people about you directly.

What is the ‘secret ingredient’ to getting people to share your links?

Get people to like you.Make friends.Everyone helps their buddies out. And that includes in the online space.

I recently attended my very first “Tweetup” – a meetup with fellow tweeters online. Now, I have been ‘tweeting’ , posting, and blogging for a really long time but rarely have I made the effort to catch up with fellow bloggers and tweeters in person. Sure, I connect online, but in person is a different story altogether. It’s not because I don’t care, it’s just because no one had actually suggested meeting me in person before.

So I made a commitment.

I flew to another state. Here I was expecting a bunch of nerdy, geeky-looking tech nerds (no offense followers!) and I was pleasantly surprised to meet some amazing, good looking, really interesting, business oriented people. Whom I just so happened to have a lot in common with!( I am also a bit of a tech nerd).

And guess what? Now I have some more friends. Friends whom I follow more regularly and see what they are up to, simply because I now know them as ‘real people’- not just as some random person spamming me with links or posts.

In my last post I said it was all about connecting more online by posting replies and comments on blogs and monitoring traffic links and leads through your website. So now I want you to take a chance. Make the effort to meet online people in person, as this will also help your internet presence (and your social life).

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