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According to Wikipedia, “an interception is a very specialized move that occurs when a quarterback’s pass is caught by a player on the opposing team.

This leads to an immediate change of possession during the play: the defender who caught the ball immediately assumes the role of the offense and attempts to move the ball as far towards the opposing goal as possible. Following the stoppage of play, if the interceptor retained possession of the ball, their team takes over possession at the spot where he was downed.”

That’s the long version. However, according to the player who got intercepted, it’s simply a pick. We’ve all seen how an interception can change the course and momentum of a game. When it happens, the main goal of the team who lost the ball to get it back as fast as they can before the opposing team capitalizes on the pick.

In life, love, and work, we all get intercepted on occasion. An opponent snatches the ball in mid air. Opponents can range from financial setbacks, loss of health, a car accident, an unexpected loss of a loved one, or even cruel, insensitive words from someone you thought was your friend. It can also be your own self – sometimes you are your own worst enemy – and you are “picked” by self-doubt or the sum of poor choices.

When an NFL QB is picked off, you’ll typically see a few reactions. Sometimes he just gets mad; mad at himself for allowing it to happen or mad at a receiver for not being at the right place at the right time. At other times, after a frustrating game, the QB is dejected; realizing his failure to perform the job properly.  Most often, he gets back up and continues the game with strength and style. Brett Favre is a great example of this.

What have you been intercepted by?

What has caused you to lose your grip?

Getting mad provides a temporary adrenaline rush but does it accomplish anything useful? Does it make the opponent go away?

NO. The opponent still has the ball. Getting dejected drains you of precious energy and just as with getting mad, it does not accomplish any purpose.

Will you choose to remain mad and dejected or will you get back up and continue the game of life with strength and style? You can do what you can to protect yourself from some interceptions but not all. Life happens and each and every event is part of your own unique story.

If you don’t learn from your life events, then that’s all they are…events. If you learn to press forward with strength and style, a purpose has been accomplished in your life; you’ve learned, you’ve matured, you’re internally stronger.

So, take those life interceptions, learn what went wrong, get the ball back, move down your life’s field in strength and style and you WILL win.


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