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Sports Journalist Toolkit: What You NEED to Have

To all you aspiring sports journalists hoping to be the next Al Michaels, Woody Paige, Erin Andrews, Kirk Herbstreit or John Madden, you’ll need to know the basic “toolkit” needed to be successful. Odds are you won’t be busting onto the national scene to start your career, and will have to work your way up the…

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Meet Joshua Lagan: Rising Star in #Sportsbiz

Meet Joshua Lagan. Joshua is a regular contributor on where he interviews top sports executives in an effort to help others learn from their experience. He has also been able to benefit from the experience by expanding his own network and building relationships with some of the most powerful executives in sports. Joshua Lagan…

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Sports Employment: Being The Friendly Grim Reaper

Have you ever considered what it would be like to tell a professional football player that he was losing his job?  Well, I just happen to know the answer, so pad up, sit down, and buckle in! The Employment Process All industries and companies have employees, and as a result, each entity must deal with…

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Living the Dream… The Road to Your Sports Career (Step 4)

I shed a happy tear as I write this last article of the 4 Step process to earning a job in sports.  If you missed out on the fun of any the previous 3 Steps, you should definitely check them out!  But I know you are anxious for answers, so lets go!  You now have…

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How to Unleash Your Sports Career ‘BHAG’ to Get to the Next Level

Jim Collins wrote a best-selling business book entitled, . In the book he and co-author, Jerry Porras, coined the term, “Big Hairy Audacious Goals.” BHAG (pronounced, Bee-hag) is a strategic business statement which is created to focus an organization on a single, medium-to-long-term goal, which is audacious. Those on the outside of the company are likely…

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Why Positioning Yourself as an Expert Can Help You Break Into Sports

If your number one career goal is to land a job in sports, one of the most important things you can do is position yourself as an expert. However, if you’re just starting out, your work experience will be limited. So be careful about labeling yourself as an expert. Expertise takes years. Decades sometimes. A…

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Living the Dream… The Road to Your Sports Career (Step 2)

Welcome back to the second installment of what is hopefully the most beneficial 4-part series you will ever read regarding working in sports.  I hope you enjoyed reading Step 1… now on to Step 2.  Hooray! So you are now ready to go, fully armed with names and numbers of people to contact.  Remember, these…

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Sports Jobs: 6 Inside Ticket Sales Managers Discuss Sports Careers

6 Inside Ticket Sales Managers walk into an Arena… Ok, it sounds like the great start to a joke, but in essence this piece is more about how those managers got into their coveted sports jobs. I often get asked how I got my foot in the door in professional sports and the answer is…

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Self-Care for Busy Sports Professionals: 5 Tips to Increase Efficiency

Whether we choose to call ourselves entrepreneurs or self-employed sports professionals, we all need to maximize our efficiency, increase our daily energy, and care for ourselves on several levels. The 5 tips below will propel you forward toward a healthier vocational life. 1. Think Nutritional Plan, NOT Diet A diet is associated with deprivation. A…

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Top 5 Mental Mistakes Athletes Make

Much of success in sports and business happens between your ears. You may not be the most skilled at what you do (yet), but you can instantly become just like the world’s greatest athletes by having the same attitude and mindset as them. Having worked with pros in both sports and in business, I have…

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London Sports Networking Event Recap

What do you get when over 125 of London’s brightest sports professionals come together? A successful Sports Networker event! It was fun teaming up with Daniel over at The UK Sports Network to have the opportunity to connect so many talented individuals working in the sports industry.  We were blessed to have Football Fans Census…

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Join The Sports Executives Association

The highly anticipated Sports Executives Association is live.  Join in on the excitement today at I  started to receive an a lot of emails from people who wanted introductions to other executives in my network. They also were asking for tips, advanced training on various sports industry topics, and wanted to find partners to help…

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