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How to Break Into Sports Marketing

So you want to work in sports? I don’t blame you. There is nothing else I’d rather do. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of people who feel just like you and me, which can make getting into the industry pretty tough. I personally struggled to get my footing. I’ve also been in a position…

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Getting A Degree In Sports Marketing

Do you love sports, but have no athletic ability beyond memorizing stats and fielding a fantasy league? Perhaps you’re an athlete, but realize a professional career isn’t in your future. Maybe you’re preparing for the draft, but need to prepare for a career once your playing days end. If you enjoy sports, sales, meeting people,…

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A World Without Sports Marketing

Although careers in sports marketing are relatively new, sports marketing as a practice is over a century old. As sports began to professionalize, savvy promoters, athletes, and entrepreneurs quickly recognized that the business of sports required marketing support. Sports marketing has two distinct, interdependent, forms: marketing of sports and marketing through sports. If you market…

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Sports Marketing Using Social Media

Sports marketing is a very important part of any successful sports franchise.  Imagine attending a game and not seeing people wearing jerseys, hats, giant foam fingers, or other vibrant gear emblazoned with their favorite teamʼs name or mascot image. Crazy. Sports marketing is about getting the word out about a team or team member in…

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Top 5 Sports Marketing Tips

The American consumer “consumes” food, electronics, clothes, collectibles, and sports marketing through Monday Night football. A smart sports marketer will understand that the consumables each American purchases can be emblazoned with the name and franchise image of a certain sports team or player. Sports marketing is one of the hottest careers, but because of its…

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