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Interview with Chris Previte, VP of Corporate Partnerships for the Columbus Crew

25 Years of Sports Marketing Experience.  Enough Said. Sports Marketing, Sponsorships, Ticket Sales, Partnerships.  Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, you name it Chris Previte has been doing it since I was in pre-school. I had the chance to sit down with Chris last week and discuss his role with one of the most successful…

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Why the MLS Should Start Signing Young Mexican Soccer Players

By now it’s pretty clear; the Latino market does make a difference for several industries in the USA. Every year different studies and reports show the increase, Latinos have the means to consume now. These are not just Latin-American immigrants any more, we’re talking about their children and grand children; third or even fourth generations. …

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Exclusive Opportunity To Work In Major League Soccer

The MLS National Sales Center is looking for applicants for its March sports sales program. The program selects 12 lucky people who have a passion for both selling and soccer. The program lasts up to four months in Blaine, Minnesota and is an exclusive opportunity to learn the environment and exposure of MLS ticket sales. Trainees accepted…

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MLS Partner is a Game Changer

The New MLS Partner is on The Fast Track to Becoming The Go-to Site for Sponsorship Professionals Looking for New Connections. There’s a new kid on the sponsorship block, and all the other kids better take notice. At a time when brand marketers are always asking for more from their sponsorship opportunities, is working to deliver…

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Sports Jobs: 6 Inside Ticket Sales Managers Discuss Sports Careers

6 Inside Ticket Sales Managers walk into an Arena… Ok, it sounds like the great start to a joke, but in essence this piece is more about how those managers got into their coveted sports jobs. I often get asked how I got my foot in the door in professional sports and the answer is…

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