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Top 5 Tech Savvy Arenas

Stadiums and arenas around the world are known for their home teams. Other components like seating, cleanliness and traffic take a backseat – all components except technology.

While there is nothing like going to see your favorite team in their home stadium, having the ability to stay connected while there makes all the difference. But as the need for modern technology is constantly increasing, the need to have stadiums that match it is too.

Thanks to advancements in satellite, Internet and video technologies across the board, you can get the exact experience you crave on your portable technology devices. In no specific order, here are the 5 of the most tech-savvy sports facilities.

The Top 5 Tech Savvy Arenas Today

Barclays Center – Brooklyn, NY

Opened: September 21, 2012



Why so tech-savvy?

The Barclays Center in Brooklyn is not just a one stop shop for a particular team. As a home to the New York Islanders and the Brooklyn Nets, this master facility is versatile enough for both sports, as well as music.

From the features outside all the way to the jumbotron inside, the Barclays Center may be considered the most tech savvy sports facility in the United States. There is an abundance of free WiFi available, as well as the Barclays Center app so you can stay connected on all fronts in Brooklyn. Add in all the extra HDTVs and LCD screens throughout the center and you have an arena that provides a constant connection to the game and the world.

Sporting Park – Kansas City, KS

Opened: June 9, 2011



Why so tech-savvy?

Sporting Park, formerly known as LIVESTRONG Sporting Park, hosts a slew of modern technologies fans can enjoy the moment they enter the stadium.

With the clear graphics and largely accessible WiFi throughout the arena, guests are constantly connected. As far as the infrastructure goes, architects and engineers created a facility based off of player and ball, creating a truly unique feel. There are also two different Sporting Park apps consumers can use to answer trivia questions, buy concessions and keep tabs on all the game happenings.

AT&T Stadium – Arlington, TX

Opened: May 27, 2009



Why so tech-savvy?

AT&T Stadium is home to none other than the Dallas Cowboys. Making great use of the telecommunications giant, the Cowboys have an AT&T state-of-the-art stadium every guest loves.

Starting with the fourth largest jumbotron screen in the world, this massive screen spans from 20-yard line to 20-yard line. Fans can see all the action no matter where they are, with the addition of nearly 3000 HDTVs throughout the facility. Guests can also take advantage of strong AT&T 4G LTE connections throughout the facility, and even in the parking lots.

All that plus a retractable roof makes this one of the most tech-savvy stadiums in the world.

Yankee Stadium – New York, NY

Opened: April 2, 2009



Why so tech-savvy?

Baseball is a classic American sport; thankfully the technology used doesn’t have to be.

Yankee Stadium in New York is home to arguably one of the best teams, as well as some amazing technology to boot. With freeD™ high-bandwith capacity for video technology; players, viewers and umpires can access every angle of the game for a truly 3D effect around the field. With approximately 1100 HD screens around the stadium, guests can also keep tabs on the game. The 21st century take on the classic stadium also allows fans to order concessions from their seats.

University of Phoenix Stadium – Glendale, AZ

Opened: April 2006



Why so tech-savvy?

Four NFL teams have a retractable roof to accommodate all seasons, but no other sports facility has a retractable roof AND turf.

Created to allow for optimal growth and maintenance, the Arizona Cardinals call the University of Phoenix Stadium home. Not only does the stadium boast inventive technology for football’s sake, the retractable floor allows for more versatility and less wear on the turf. Concerts, conventions and other sporting events are all held here.

Some might consider this to be the most-advanced stadium in the world, and if those people aren’t right on the money they may not be far off. After all, not many stadiums can host 3 games in such quick succession, like is showcased in the video below.

Moving Into A Tech-Oriented World

One thing all these sports facilities have in common: Cisco Technology. As an innovative leader in technology, Cisco allows facilities everywhere to take technology to new heights.

Just as technology evolves, stadiums like these will prove to be even more enticing for fans everywhere. There is little question we are living in a world of ever-evolving technology, and our sports stadiums and arenas are beginning to hop on board.

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