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4 Ways To Break Into Sports by Adding Value

Here is the deal.  I am getting a number of emails, phone calls, tweets, etc from people who are having problems in advancing their career or even getting getting a job in sports.  It’s tough, I get it.  However, relationships are the most powerful thing you can develop in the sports industry (or any industry…

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Top 100 Ways to Build Your Sports Career Using Social Media

Though I am already lucky enough to have a job in sports that I love, I never stop trying to accumulate industry knowledge or competitive intelligence, if you will.  Below are the top 100 ways I’ve found and/or witnessed others using to help further develop their career in sports.  The first 90 have are all…

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Top 14 Career Changing Tips in Sports

The average sports worker will change jobs 8 times with at least 3 career changes, contributing to an annual industry turnover rate nearing 65%.  As Sports and Entertainment converge with the new media and expanding sports properties, there is still a critical need for quality senior level executives and specialized professionals.   Follow these top…

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Break Into The Sports Industry In Six Simple Weeks

  Eric Mangini, Ron Shapiro, and Mark Shapiro all found their own unique way into the Sports Industry, but no one direction is the correct route for breaking into the sports world. How badly do you want to work in the Sports Industry?  What if I told you taking a six week long class may…

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