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Top 100 Ways to Build Your Sports Career Using Social Media

Though I am already lucky enough to have a job in sports that I love, I never stop trying to accumulate industry knowledge or competitive intelligence, if you will.  Below are the top 100 ways I’ve found and/or witnessed others using to help further develop their career in sports.  The first 90 have are all related to Twitter, either examples from my experience or a resource I use frequently. The final 10 are more the meat and potatoes of my advice!

100.  Check out the book @Breakintosports through ticket sales by Mark Washo
99.   Stay motivated each and everyday @gitomer
98.   One of the best resources out there @SBJSBD
97.  Continually work on your writing skills, or launch a blog like @MOgulnick
96.  Know the breaking news out there @espn
95.  Work on editing skills or help edit for others like @mollyosu
94.  Personal branding guru has great tips all the time @danschawbel
93.  Find the buzz of the sports underworld @Deadspin
92.  What’s sports radio doing locally? @670TheScore
91.  If the Olympics come, opportunities will come with it @PatrickSandusky
90.  Be a part of conversations like @JoshFienberg
89.  Mascots tweet too @Southpaw
88.  Relate with bands that entertain at your stadiums/ballparks @umphreysmcgee
87.  Stay in touch with your roots @IowaCubs
86.  Know what minor league teams are up to @WolvesTicketGuy
85.  Maintain your hobbies, be yourself @runnersworld
84.  Find passionate people in sports @JimLoria
83. What do agents think about teams & their client’s @RosenhausSports
82.  Always have great resources at your fingertips @SportBizNews
81.  Television production insight @jasonromano
80.  Know what local NCAA programs are up to @NU_Sports
79.  Obtain personal references like @JeremiahZimmer
78.  Sports Law perspectives @Sports_business
77.  Recent sports TV ratings @Ourand_SBJ
76.  Stay up on Twitter news @mashable
75. Communicate your brand better @QuintCareers
74.  Recently launch football league @UFLFootball
73.  Recently launched women’s football @MyLFL
72.  Impress people or find conversation starters @Sports_Stumpers
71.  Advertised as the point of value between sport and fans @SportFanConnect
70.  Promote others work in sports you enjoy @BrianDryfhout
69.  Learn about the Olympic Bid process @2016olympicbid
68.  Social media junkies are great networkers & resources @zaibatsu
67.  CNBC’s best sports biz resource @Darrenrovell1
66.  See what conference’s @GaryVee is speaking at
65.  Refine your design skill like @lmarkchisox
64.  Activ8Social @dcSportsGuy
63.  Read @mcuban’s blog
62.  See what people are betting on @sportsbetting
61.  Take a few lessons from @pennypower
60.  Read reporters you enjoy @trippmickle
59.  See what local celebs are doing to promote themselves @BillyDec
58.  Gather insight from unique sources @MoveTheSticks
57.  Create a following like @THE_REAL_SHAQ
56.  Be an innovator, challenge convention @fastcompany
55.  Tune in to new sports TV shows @joebucklive
54.  Meet fans through tweetups like @MeganDosCuatro
53.  Know what the NFL Network is up to @richeisen
52.  Great Sports Illustrated insight & news @SI_PeterKing
51.  Stay up with Labor issues in sports @SBJLizMullen
50.  Observe how the Oakland A’s interact with fans @ticketservices
49.  See how teams in your market are interacting with customer’s @HawksCustCare
48.  Learn what venues are up do and what’s coming to town @unitedcenter
47.  Find beat reporters for team info. @scottmerkin
46.  Know what’s rocking in your city @LiveNation
45.  Be bilingual @OrgulloSox
44.  Know author’s of ticket selling strategies @RonGoch
43.  Interact with athletes @PGA_JohnDaly
42.  Catch breaking news and scoop @SI_JohnHeyman
41. Observe how athletes are creatively using Twitter @ochoNFLcinco85
40.  Start your own groups feed @ChiSportBizPros
39.  TWIXPLODE yourself @SeanMalarky
38.  Know who’s been traded @transactionlist
37.  Comment on blogs @TylerDJohnson
36.  Utilize Sports Job search engines @WorkInSports
35.  The CEO behind the #1 sports job posting site @John_Mellor_CEO
34.  Earn a press pass via Social Media like @Peter_R_Casey
33.  Stay in touch with former co-workers @tcq20 & @brianekst
32.  Know what’s going on in the secondary ticket market @StubHubTickets1
31.  Always be willing to learn from others @LewisHowes
30.  Stay on top of sponsorship trends with @sponsorpitch
29.  Find an online presence @sportsnetworker
28.  Learn what networking groups in your area are doing @ChicagoAfterWrk
27.  Observe how athletes use twitter for business @GrillCheese49
26.  Follow official tweeters of teams you’d like to work for @InsideTheSox
25.  Be accepting of networking advice @frankagin
24.  Learn from those working with athletes & social media @ajv
23.  See what sports agents are blogging about @Darren_Heitner
22.  Follow the leagues you’re interested in @MLB
21.  Industry leader in sports careers & fairs @MarkTudi
20.  Always realize the PR side of things @Pubslide
19.  You’ll need MoJo @missrogue
18.  Learn what Media analysts do @ryanstephens
17.  Master the elements of personal branding like @chrisbrogan
16.  Be inspired @ZigZiglarQuotes
15.  Know those who frequent sports networking events @rscibetti
14.  Locate blogs you enjoy & learn from @Sportsinfo101
13.  Foster professional relationships that induce creativity @judelarose
12.  Constantly seek sales advice @800poundgorilla
11.  Learn from one of the best Social media sports consultants @DigitalRoyalty
10.  LinkUP with Lewis Howes on LinkedIN
9.  Buy Lewis & Frank’s book called LinkedWorking
8.  Manage your Facebook profile professionally or don’t utilize it to find a job.
7.  Find groups relevant to what you are looking to accomplish on LinkedIN, participate and network within them.
6.  Demonstrate leadership by starting your own niche group on LinkedIN
5.  Have a complete LinkedIN profile that represents you
4.  Drive people to your twitter from Facebook & vice versa
3. Drive people to your LinkedIN profile via Twitter & again vice versa
2.  Use YouTube when applicable, makes people feel like they know you a bit already
1.  Be Yourself, Be creative and Be professional

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  1. ryanstephens October 26, 2009 at 8:09 am #

    Love that you found a way to mix some of your fellow contributors in Tyler!

  2. visionscapemedia October 26, 2009 at 11:48 am #

    Very informative! Thanks!

  3. Hugh Freed March 7, 2010 at 6:12 pm #

    You post definitely was one of the ideal points of my Wednesday. I had been on Yahoo looking for something completely unrelated when the title caught my interest. I’m thankful I took the time to read your post! Feel free read my sport articles should you get some free time!

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