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ESPN and Twitter to Join Sports Media Forces

ESPN and Twitter have announced a major deal, in which the social media giant will post sports-related highlight videos on their site, moments after the live action unfolds. The deal should generate advertising revenue for both parties. Highlights will range from NCAA football to qualifying matches for soccer’s World Cup 2014 to the X Games….

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Incorporating Social Media into Televised Sports

Watching sports on television is an inherently social experience. Typically, fans watch televised games together, and when they don’t, they tend to text or chat while watching. More and more, fans hang out on social media platforms during games, treating their team’s Facebook page, for example, as a chat room. Why then, is the encouragement…

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Interview with Brooke Olzendam on Being an On-Air Talent

Voice on the Box is back with an exclusive interview with on-air talent Brooke Olyzendam. Brooke has worked in various positions within television including weather forecasts and news, but soon realized her passion lied in sports. She provides a candid view of what it is like to be on tv, including her hardest challenges, biggest thrills, and advice for up and comers. Don’t miss it!

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Does the future of sports media belong to ESPN?

For the last few decades, ESPN has been the unquestioned “Worldwide Leader in Sports.” What started as a Connecticut based, Connecticut focused, 24-hour sports network has now become more than ten popular channels across the world (including ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN News, ESPN Classic, and ESPN Deportes) and a highly-trafficked website ( devoted to delivering the…

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