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The Top News in #Sportsbiz – 08.26.13 – 09.02.13

Top news in the #sportsbiz this week includes Wayin helping the St. Louis Rams connect with fans.  Other news includes “The Meeting 9” offering action sports networking, ESPN facing anti-bundling questions, the NFL pressuring ESPN to back out of the “Frontline” documentary and AT&T promoting and protecting its sponsorship deals.  Read on to get your…

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Sports Technology: ScentAir Travels into Edward Jones Dome

ScentAir and its over 2,000 different scents – ranging from delicious smells such as popcorn, waffle cones, caramel apples and even odd scents such as dinosaur breath – has been travelling into the nostrils and smell receptors of people all over the world for more then two decades. From movie theatres to hotels to fitness…

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