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Sports Radio a Sports Media Option of the Past

Sports radio usage is declining amongst fans according to a recent sports media study conducted by the Sporting News. The study – which involved online surveys – shows sports radio content has declined and it currently trails other sports media options such as social networking and smartphone usage. Social networking, media and smartphone usage provide…

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Will Social Media Kill Sports Radio?

So I’m reading a blog from a well-known sports marketing agency (who shall remain nameless) and I come across a post that says, “Today, people are 10 times more likely to check Twitter or Facebook for breaking news than sports radio. In fact, 81% prefer the Internet for their sports news, period. This is radio,…

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Interview with Paul Tonelli

This week on Voice of the Box, Matt interviews one of the most recognized radio personalities in California. Paul Tonelli from the famous Lamont and Tonelli Show is also the stadium PA announcer at Candlestick Park. Paul shares how he got his start in radio and what key factors led to his success.

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Interview with Ryan Leong, Radio Correspondent

This week Matt Crevin from Voice of the Box interviews veteran radio correspondent Ryan Leong. Ryan discusses his role, how he got his start and pearls of wisdom on how to break into a career in the sports radio business.

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Interview with Mike Eaby of Westwood One Radio

Matt Crevin from Voice of the Box interviews One of Westwood One’s top radio producers Mike Eaby. Mike details what exactly happens in the radio booth during an NFL broadcast. Mike is one of the best in the business and describes his behind the scenes role and how he got his start.

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