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Red Flags in a Sports Job Interview

Where do the athletes come in at? Where’s that entrance? What… I’m drooling? Yes, you want to work in sports.  Yes, you are going to be excited at your job interview. But there are some red flags that will pop depending on how you choose to wave your passion flag about the sports company or team…

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Sports Job Interview with Terry Reynolds, Senior Director of Pro & Global Scouting – Cincinnati Reds

For my first interview of 2013, I was lucky to have been able to interview Terry Reynolds, Senior Director of Professional and Global Scouting for the Cincinnati Reds. Unlike most of the interviews I have done so far, Terry resides in the scouting department of a Major League Baseball team, and shares a lot of…

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Sports Jobs: How to Prepare for an Interview

Congratulations! You’ve made it through all that process of carefully crafting your resume and cover letter to showcase your relevant experiences and grab the attention of the recruiters and hiring managers so they’ll decide to call you and schedule an interview to give you the chance of winning your dream job in the sports realm….

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Interview Preparation for Sports Jobs

The Sports Job Interview: 30-60 minutes to prove yourself! You’ve made it through two of the biggest hurdles already: carefully crafting your cover letter so the hiring manager to took notice and building a rok-solid resume to showcase your relevant experiences. You’ve received that magical phone call to schedule an interview and are so close…

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Sports Job Interview with Howard Roseman, Philadelphia Eagles GM

In the latest edition of my interview series, I was incredibly lucky to have been able to interview Howie Roseman, General Manager of the Philadelphia Eagles. Before becoming the youngest GM in the National Football League, Howie earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Florida, followed by earning his law degree at Fordham Law….

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3 Ways To Interview Like A Pro

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could walk into any job interview and feel 100% confident? In this article, you’ll learn 3 preparation secrets that will reduce or eliminate your nervousness in job interviews… I worked in the NBA for 5 seasons, and one of the best parts of my job was that I had…

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Branding for Today’s Sports Job Seeker

Ritz Carlton hotels say “Let us Stay with You” and the Four Seasons boasts, “Fifty Hotels. Twenty-Two Countries. One Philosophy.” These brand names and their respective branding statements conjure luxury and high-end customer service. What does your brand say about you? Do such marketing terms as reliable, efficient come to mind? What about, consistency, integrity, professionalism?…

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Living the Dream… The Road to Your Sports Career (Step 1)

So you want to work in sports?  Or are you maybe just trying to figure out if you really want to work in sports?  Lucky you, you have a step-by-step guide to the sports career search and discovery process right here!  Over the coming weeks, I will dive into what it takes, my experiences, and what you…

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Sports Job Interview with Jeramie McPeek – VP Digital – Phoenix Suns

Headed by Vice President of Digital Jeramie McPeek, the Phoenix Suns employ perhaps the largest digital department in pro sports. No surprise, considering they pioneered the digital realm in sports. During this interview, Jeramie and I discussed: How the Suns have led the digital space What differentiates the Suns’ from other digital experiences How you…

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