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Top Sports Executives Meet To Discuss Second Screen Trends

Sports fans are a demanding bunch.  They want stadium Wi-Fi, more pixels, and on-the-go content.  Not only that, but fans are demanding content on multiple screens at one time.  While watching the game on TV, people are turning to their tablets, phones, and computer screens to track fantasy stats, watch replays, and converse on social…

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Cast Your Vote For the Sports Executive Dream Team 2013

SPORTS LAUNCH – The Magazine is looking to YOU to help decide who should be included in the “Sports Executive Dream Team 2013.” As you can see from the image to the left, our very own CEO, Lewis Howes has made the magazine cover along with track star turned sports agent, Ashley Millerick and Bob Beaudine, the…

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Help for Stressful Times in the Sports World

Lockouts rule the roost in 2011. First, the NFL muscles flex to show us the veins of how money ultimately rules the football kingdom. We know full well it’s not a game we simply watch on t.v. – it’s a multi-billion dollar business that needs a “dollar-driven enhancement drug” to keep it going.  The NBA…

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Why Sports Professionals Must Attend Conferences

Have you ever attended a sports conference? Most sports professionals who have know how valuable they are. Things change when you meet people face to face.  I don’t know how the chemicals in our bodies transform when we actually see how someone looks, listen to the sound of their voice, touch their hand when we…

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The Sports Executives Association

The Sports Executives Association is coming soon.  Many of you have asked for more information, and emailing me about the release date.  It’s coming soon, and I wanted to thank you for your patience. I don’t want to spoil all of the goods by sharing with you every last detail, but I wanted to share…

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Top 10 Sports Industry Sites of the Year!

Everyone loves a top 10 list so I decided to take a poll and generate a list with the top sites to help you in your quest of being the best sports executive possible. There are many great sports industry websites out there in a variety of niches.  Some are fan related, team related, blogs,…

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