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Interview with Emily Edison On How To Get A Job In Sports

Voice of the Box recently interviewed University of Washington athletic department nutritionist Emily Edison about her role and how she got her start in the industry. Emily also shared her insight on what it takes to break into a career within the sports industry.

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Are Super Bowl Ads Still Worth It?

Super Bowl advertisements have long been one of the best ways to get your brand exposure and eyeballs. Take Go Daddy for example. The company, known for its racy advertising, began airing 30-second commercial spots during the Super Bowl in 2005. Since then, Go Daddy has become the largest certified domain registrar in the world,…

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Featured Sports Company- Kelly Perdew and is the next generation of online fantasy sports.  This combines a traditional points scoring system with an innovative stock market-style trading to make an exciting fantasy sports game. Currently, Rotohog is partnered with and powering major sports leagues, leading international brands and global media companies.  Receive 50% Off any purchase of Premium Service, Platinum…

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Featured Sports Networker: Tim Hayden of Vivid Sky

Tim Hayden is the CEO of Vivid Sky, and creator of the in-stadium wireless initiative where fans can access unlimited content through a cell phone or through Vivid Sky’s rugged handheld devices.  His product is perfect for venues, stadiums, and arenas to provide more for fans including  instant replays, stats, and stadium services directly from…

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