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Modern Art and Sports: A Passionate Relationship

The worlds of art and sports are not all that different. Each medium conjures emotion, depicts internal conflict and creates lasting memories. From logo and uniform design to iconic sports photography to sculptures of legends outside sporting arenas, art and sports have formed a bond that is inseparable. Both art and sports are such important…

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Seattle Mariners

Go Big Or Go Home: Seattle Mariners Aren’t Messing Around With New Sports Technology Display

The Seattle Mariners are taking the classic phrase, ‘Go big or go home,’ to the extreme. The team is in the early stages of constructing what will be the biggest video display in Major League Baseball. It’ll also rival similar displays in the other professional sports. The latest addition in sports technology at Safeco Field…

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Interview with Seattle Mariners Director of Marketing – Gregg Greene

Guest post submitted by Matt Crevin. Gregg Greene is the Director of Marketing for the Seattle Mariners.  In this interview he talks in detail about: What happens in his department His keys to success Tips on how to break in to the sports industry. Gregg Greene Mariners from Matt Crevin on Vimeo. About The Author Matt…

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MLB Facebook Pages – Top vs Worst Teams

It can be argued that the best teams should have the best MLB Facebook Pages. If a team is successful on the field, you’d expect they’d be able to capitalize on fan fervor and strengthen their fan connection online.  On the flip side, it might also be argued that the worst teams have nowhere to…

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Payroll to Results: Successful MLB Teams

Did you ever wonder which teams in Major League Baseball really get the most bang for their buck? Sure the Yankees won the last World Series last year but weren’t they supposed to win when they had the highest payroll in baseball? Each year the Pittsburgh Pirates have one of the lowest payrolls in baseball…

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