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Top PR Challenges in Sports

With instant updates, live streaming video, and social media the world of sport management has become increasingly digital. A public relations professional is charged with maintaining the client’s image while carefully mitigating and managing any negative press. So When does it become necessary to use damage control? Here are some of the top PR challenges…

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Influential People In Sports Business In 2012

We recently ran a Facebook Contest asking our audience who they thought was missing from Sports Business Journal’s “50 Most Influential People in Sports Business“.  We received some great feedback and the people mentioned varied greatly from Mark Cuban (Owner – Dallas Mavericks) to Bruton Smith (CEO – Nascar). The annual list put together by SBJ includes a…

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Giving Up The Game

Many sports personalities choose to take on new roles within their preferred sport after they retire. Typical roles may include coaching, management, commentating and analizing. However, some sports personalities choose to head off on a completely different career path, completely unrelated to their original sport. This article will look at some of the more well-known…

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