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NHL Alive and Well Post Lockout

Six months ago, the National Hockey League was receiving last rites. Entrenched in their third lockout in 19 years, the consensus in the sports media was that the NHL would go the way of VHS tapes. “Fans are fed up.” “Nobody will come to the arenas, or watch the games.” Even Detroit Red Wings coach,…

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Effects of the NHL Lockout

The NHL is locked out. This is the first full week when the owners and players are now in such disagreement that missing a portion of the NHL Season is very likely and the NHL is officially LOCKED OUT! We know the owners are in full agreement with the Commish Gary Bettman that the current…

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Sportsbiz Weekly Buzz – 11.12.27

The Sportsbiz Weekly Buzz is a collection of articles curated by Sports Networker’s Online Marketing Coordinator – Steve Richards   Sports Business $20 Million Can Buy Quality Time with Mr. Met “Of course, the owners of the Mets, who have spent the last four months trying to line up 10 or so minority partners, have some…

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How the NFL Labor Negotiations Impacts Your Sports Career

(This is a guest article by Jason Kobeda) No matter what sport you’re aspiring to work in, it’s time to focus one eye on the business developments brewing in the National Football League. The policies and court proceedings currently under review have the ability to influence sports business as a whole and more importantly, thousands…

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