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NBA Social Playoffs: And The Winner Is?

What if the NBA Championship wasn’t decided on the court, but rather from social media follower numbers? This infographic done by The Score, takes all on court performance out the window and shows who would win the NBA Championship if it was determined by social media. Here is the breakdown of the winner of the…

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Sportsbiz Weekly Buzz – 12.2.21

The Sportsbiz Weekly Buzz is a collection of articles curated by Sports Networker’s Online Marketing Coordinator – Steve Richards  Sports Business How Much Is Linsanity Worth? “Lin is the flavor of the week on Madison Ave., a mover of the stock market and a catalyst for a countless number of business proposal pitches. ‘This has crossed…

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Is Jeremy Lin Bigger Than Shaquille O’Neal?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s likely that you’ve heard about Jeremy Lin (aka #Linsanity, #Lincredible #Linsational #Linderella #Linspiration #SuperLintendo #Linvincible #TheLinstigator ……or my personal favorite #LinkedLin 🙂 If you happen to be one of those people that haven’t heard of Jeremy Lin, here’s a “Linfographic” that explains how he is helping take…

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