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Top 10 Sports/Social Media Trends of 2010

Jason Peck recently asked 16 sports industry thought leaders (a few of us who write here among them) to share their thoughts and predictions for sports and social media in 2010. The result was an awesome ebook full of some solid insights. In this post I’d like to build off the foundation Jason (and the…

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Sports and Social Media with Jason Peck

Jason Peck is one of the O.G. bloggers who covered sports and social media.  Anything athletes, teams, sports professionals and other sports organizations were doing online, Jason was covering.  He is someone who inspired me to share my own thoughts about a growing passion of mine over the last year.  And a few of his…

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Relinquish Control, Empower the Passionate Fans!

Sports marketing thought leader, Jason Peck, said something two weeks ago that really resonated with me. After hearing a company say they controlled their brand in social media he said this, “The words influence, facilitate and protect your brand should replace control.” Frankly, I couldn’t agree more… … Provided it’s your fans who pay money…

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